Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Germaine: Peachy Petal Pink Love

Alright, so maybe the post title is cavity-inducing overkill, but seriously. I loooove this new top I made. It's light and springy and the color is to die for and it's boxy and cropped and it's my favorite thing ever.

Pattern: a mostly self-drafted top, once vaguely hacked from some McCall's bodice. I made this pattern at least 1.5 years ago. I named it Germaine.

Materials Used: peachy pink linen-cotton blend from Etsy, Zipper Tailor Fabric Snap shop. It's seriously a dream to sew up and so soft.

Construction: made with my serger, sleeves and neckline finished with vintage bias tape. Oh, the pocket! I love it.

I utterly love this top. It's the perfect spring top, boxy and cropped, and it's the perfect color, and I love it. I think it was subconsciously inspired by Heather of Closet Case Files. I didn't intentionally make it based off her but I put my first outfit together with it and it felt like something she would wear. Plus we had a very short comment conversation on the color blush being perfect for spring one time. Any way, she's chic and it feels like her so it must mean I look chic in it? Yeah let's go with that.

I also choose to style it in a bit more formal way, with a khaki skirt my grandmother made me back in middle school and a necklace.

It's a pretty plain top, with vague princess seams, and one A++ pocket.

Well, that 's all I have for now. Have you ever made something subconsciously inspired by someone else?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 3 Round Up MMMay '17

Hello from the other side of exams! They're all done, and I'll have you know I got an A- in Physics, so ha! That's my least favorite class.
Anyway, so I don't have many pictures from this week, but here they are:

 Was this Tuesday? I think it was. Here is my Riff tee and some as of yet unblogged Ninni Culottes. Extremely comfy, but too blue for my liking. I'm doing to try to dye them a bit browner.
 Wednesday--one of my Inari dresses and a handknitted sweater that I DID NOT make.
Thursday--a new top, my first day home and only home for the weekend. The top is a mostly self-drafted pattern I named Germaine. It's in a gorgeous peachy petal pink linen-cotton blend and its My New Favorite Thing.

All the other days I wore various me made undergarments. I think I wore my fruit colored shirt from the sewing dare last summer one day as well.

In terms of summer news, I have a job at my college doing research in theoretical chemistry. It's a full-time position (but unlike a class, no homework!!!). I have to find someone to take photos for me but I will do that and then get Germaine and my Ninni culottes on the blog. I might even wear them together, gasp!
Right now I am only home until Sunday, which is when I move back into the house I'll be staying at for the summer. I am excited because I am taking my serger, the Beast, with me so I can sew wovens more confidently.

Have a good week!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Week 2 Round Up MMMay '17

Hey again! It's Friday once again and yesterday was my last day of classes! My exams don't start 'til Monday, so I'm studying like crazy. But here is what I've worn this week:

 Saturday: My floral tunic, while lording over all my recent stash additions. That's Cotton+Steel Wonderland rayon in the back and some JoAnn's tropical rayon in the front.

Sunday I felt awful, so no pics, but I did wear my newer flowy white tee under a sweatshirt.
 Monday: Tight floral tee under my favorite hand-me-down chartreuse sweater. I don't remember anything else about this day. Oh! I did a presentation in chem.
 Tuesday: Here I am in the computer lab, with my older white tee underneath my dorm/floor sweatshirt.
 Wednesday: My cropped Riff tee under my other chartreuse sweatshirt, ready to take a physics test! (It did not go so well.)
 Thursday: We won the Pauling Cup for the whole year! Also wearing me-dyed top and me-made undergarments.
Also I packed up my whole side of the dorm room, basically, and it looks like a jail cell without my decorations.
Today: I'm wearing an Inari Tee Dress and my mustard cardigan. It's finally warm enough for dresses!

Also, ensuring that I'm wearing something handmade is mildly stressful, since May is a rather stressful month for people still in school anyway.
So that's my week in handmade! What did yours look like?

Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 1 Round Up 2017 MMMay

This week has dragged on FOREVER! I had two tests, a presentation, and I HAVE A WHOLE NOTHER WEEK OF CLASSES BEFORE EXAMS. Ugh. At least I didn't fail my chem test. (Inorganic chem, but not advanced, so you get fed some hand-wavy lies, like gen chem.) Anyway, so here are some selfie snapshots of my week, apologies in advance.

 This was Monday, a good day. I had coffee.
This top is one of my oldest wearable makes, just a flowy white tee.
 Tuesday morning, 8:30AM--aren't computer lab lights and screens just so flattering?
Here is my mustard cardigan. I was only aiming for me-made undergarments, but this came out too.
Bonus: Handmade pajama shorts! (Alongside my nerdy t-shirt. So comfy.)
And some more nerd on Wednesday: Here I am with the Pauling Cup, a little trophy cup that is awarded every week in my chem lab. This week my group won it because of my notes about Helium bonding in our presentation. Woooh me!
I wore my gray pineapple shirt, underneath a pale chartreuse sweatshirt. I really don't like the gray top, but it fills out the wide neckline of my sweatshirt well.
Studying like there's no tomorrow on Thursday.
I'm wearing my floral knit top, as well as me-made undergarments.

(Thursday was also the day I tried to spell 'nucleus' as 'nculcus'. Obviously I was tired.)
This morning (Friday): The face of someone who's so done with chemistry and didn't fail her test.
Wearing: kimono sleeve tee and mustard cardigan.

So that was my me-made week. How was yours? I hope you didn't have a near-fatal chem test!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Queenie and Tina: A Tribute

So I didn't intend to sew bras based on he movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them... it just happened. I was working on a pink and gold one, no big deal, and once it was done my mind just went, Queenie Goldstein! This is her! So, being fair, and admiring Tina very much in the movie as well, I had to make one based on her too.

Pattern: Simplicity 8228, view B, size 32D

Materials: Pale rose powermesh, peach elastics, skinny elastic, black/copper lace--all from TailorMadeShoppe on Etsy, purchased at different times. Pink elastics-from ArteCrafts on Etsy. I love that color pink. Gold spandex stuff and orange lining--JoAnn's.

I love how feminine the pale pink and gold combination is. I didn't have strapping elastic in a color I liked, so I covered some regular elastic in powermesh. The straps are a little short, but not so much I can't wear it. Like Queenie, this bra is simple and feminine. It sparkles but isn't obnoxious. Other than not really being inspired by Queenie, it's inspired by her bright hair and lovely blush-pink clothes.

The black/copper lace is actually more of a black/rose-gold, in my opinion. I used my serger and the quality is not as good, but it's still wearable. I used plain peach straps and had to add in extra elastic under the bust since the serged seam is too stretchy. Like Tina, the colors are more understated, but the effect is quite striking when worn. It's directly inspired by her brown flapper dress.

The innards.

On another note, can we talk costume historical inaccuracies??? Majorly, women wearing pants weren't really accepted until the 1930s, and then it was mostly for beaches??? I mean, they weren't really accepted until WWII, for working in factories, but it wasn't going to kill you socially if you, a female, wore pants in the 30s. I get that wizards and witches are ahead of the times (like, go Madam President,  female head of MCUSA, Seraphina Picquery, and go your head-covering too, that's awesome) but if they had to blend in with the No-Maj population, surely they would have worn dresses or shirtwaists all the time?!?!? Also, T-strap heels weren't popular until the 30s as well...but they did exist, so I can excuse that.
Little things like that make me want to curse my historical knowledge of fashion sometimes.

Anyway, so I have two lovely new bras that pay tribute to two lovely, strong female characters. I'm very much pleased.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

It's official; I've had my blog for a little over a year now! To celebrate, I thought I'd share some of my favorite makes from the past year.

 First up, in May, was my skirt for graduation. I loved the fact that I wore something handmade to my commencement. Also, check out that long hair!
Then my original Inari dress in July, poor baby. I loved it before it shrunk. Also, that was the month of messy buns...
My tropical bikini in August! I've only worn it a few times as I don't go swimming much, but I love it.
My winter skirt in December. I had just needed some glitzy fabric, and this was the one that seemed the most useful. It's cream and with the texture and sparkle I don't wear it much, but it makes me happy.
Then in January, my Simplicity x Madalynne set. It's super supportive and I adore it, although the racerback is a tad bit too visible.
My most joyous mustard cardigan in February! It serves as loungewear most Saturdays for me, paired with leggings.
A new Inari dress in March! And a lovely friend taking pictures. I particularly love this one, and I love the soft sweetness of the dress even though it's not frilly.
And finally, my fancy silk dress. I wore this to my dorm banquet last Friday and received lots of compliments. I also got my first, "Will you make my wedding dress?" comment. To which my answer was no. I don't she liked the abrupt refusal, but oh well. Chances are I won't even sew all of my wedding outfit, should I ever get married. I'm not sewing some girl's I don't know and love like a sister.

So those are my favorite things, and it's been a good year to me! Here's hoping for another great one!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Me Made May, Etc., Busy Busy

Hello everyone! I have been so busy these past few weeks that nothing new has been made! Anyway, I signed up for Me-Made-May. My pledge:

I, Regan, of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '17. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2017. As I sew a lot of my own undergarments, 1 item = 1 full set of undergarments.

There you have it. My pledge.

As a warning, don't hold your breath for new posts for the remainder of the school year other than round ups for May. I really have no time to sew. I might pull a few out of my sleeve, but I just don't have the time. Once school is over, and I'm settled in at my summer research job, I'll have sewing time.

Anyway, catch you all later!