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Me Made May 2016 !

I just signed up at  for Me Made May 2016 ! For those of you who don't know, Me Made May is a celebration of makers and encouragement for them to wear their products.  Participants make a pledge to wear a certain number of handmade items for the month of May.  This is supposed to be challenging, too, for makers.

I pledged to wear at least three items of handmade clothing a week, one of which must be a dress.  I tend to sew a lot in summer, which means I sew dresses, but outside of summer I rarely wear them. I am using this as encouragement to try and wear my dresses more often.  Who knows, maybe I'll find a new styling trick or two as well !

I also excluded undies and other undergarments from this as I tend to wear me-mades of that category almost daily anyway.

So are you guys going to participate in MMM16? What have you learned from it in the past?

P.S. I can't figure out how to add the widget! BlogSpot keeps telling me there's illegal ch…

Pattern Cards

Every sewer/sewist loves getting new patterns, and I am no exception. The problem is, though, that when I want to see what options I have, the patterns are scattered everywhere! And it's hard to compare one pattern to another when they are drawn different ways, or there's no technical drawing at all. This is especially apparent in my swimwear patterns, where mixing and matching is common.
Hence I decided to make pattern cards!

They're really easy to make. All you need is cardstock, white paper, scissors or a paper cutter, adhesive of some kind, and something to draw with.

Here's what I did:

1.  Cut the white computer paper into sixths, or another size you like.
2. Draw your patterns on the papers.  I then traced over them with black pen.
3. Trim all your white paper pieces to be a bit smaller or more proportional to the drawing on them.  This isn't necessary but I like the drawings to be more evenly spaced on the paper.
4. Cut your cardstock to be a little bigger t…

A Dress at the Theater

So this past Wednesday our English department took a trip to the opera! We saw Gounod's Romeo et Juliette (sorry if I spelled that wrong).  It was a great experience, even if Romeo did take forever to die at the end (every time he about died, he'd revive just to sing another five minutes).  Anyway, the best part was that I wore a dress I made!

I received tons of compliments and I love the dress.

Pattern: Burda young 7308.  It features princess seams and a full circle skirt.

Size: 8

Materials: Rayon twill ordered from last summer, lined with white rayon challis from the same place.

Directions/Construction: I followed the directions last summer when I first used this pattern, and they seemed okay.  This time I didn't bother looking at them.

Alterations: None!

Fit: The front of the neck gaps a small amount, which is annoying, but the back is much worse.  There's a good inch or two of excess fabric at the center back zipper.  What with how drapey the rayon is, the wai…

Swimwear Sewing Plans !

The season of summer and all things hot is closer than it appears (I hope.) In preparation, I have begun planning the swimsuits I want to make!
First Up:  the Watson One-Piece

Obviously for this one I will be using the Watson Bra pattern by Cloth Habit as a base for the top.  I plan to sew the cups in this geometric print from :

I already have this fabric and it's really high quality.  It's got great stretch and recovery and is super soft. 
The bottom part will be black.  For the back I am not sure what to do.  A completely black back would be classic, but making the upper back this print would be really fun, too.  Any suggestions?
(Sorry for the awkwardly sized pictures!)

Next: Mix and Match Two-Pieces

First up is the sporty top.  This top started out as a Mallori Lane by Madalynne, and I fit it to perfection last summer. I had to narrow the front, relocate the shaping so it aligned with my body, and add a little length to the bottom to accommodate my sl…

Test Driving a Pattern ! M5400

So sewers usually make muslins for patterns to check fit, but how often is function tested? That's what I'm trying to do at the moment.  I'm test-driving McCall's 5400, which has pattern options for various two piece swimsuits. 

I'm interested in making top C/D and bottom F.
So to test out the bottom I made a pair of underwear!  (The dreaded word).

Pattern: M5400, part F

Size:  This pattern put me in size 12 bottoms.  Excuse me, McCall? Stretch? Negative Ease?  Based on prior experience with Big Four patterns, the experience of others (my best friend), and the advice of a 10 year old I made a size 8.

Materials Used:  I used a rayon jersey from JoAnn's. It's not very stable but it is pretty.  For the waistband elastic I used 3/8" knit elastic and for the legs I used a 3/8"plummy thin picot edge obtained semi-locally.

Directions/Construction:  Well, I didn't look at the instructions, so sorry about that.  I can sew underwear without them.  Also I d…