A Dress at the Theater

So this past Wednesday our English department took a trip to the opera! We saw Gounod's Romeo et Juliette (sorry if I spelled that wrong).  It was a great experience, even if Romeo did take forever to die at the end (every time he about died, he'd revive just to sing another five minutes).  Anyway, the best part was that I wore a dress I made!

I received tons of compliments and I love the dress.

Pattern: Burda young 7308.  It features princess seams and a full circle skirt.

Size: 8

Materials: Rayon twill ordered from fabric.com last summer, lined with white rayon challis from the same place.

Directions/Construction: I followed the directions last summer when I first used this pattern, and they seemed okay.  This time I didn't bother looking at them.

Alterations: None!

Fit: The front of the neck gaps a small amount, which is annoying, but the back is much worse.  There's a good inch or two of excess fabric at the center back zipper.  What with how drapey the rayon is, the waistline isn't very straight.  Also, most annoyingly, I could not get the hem trimmed to all hang the same length.  A friend helped me, and it's still wavy.  None of these issues happened last year when I sewed it in quilting cotton, so I assume they're simply from the drapey rayon.  I remember Madalynne writing how each time she sewed pants in a different fabric she had to make certain adjustments; I think this is the same principle.

Future Improvements: Fix the front and back neck, most importantly the back.

Comments: Does anyone know how to get a great curved hemline? I did a small double turned hem and it's super wonky in spots.  I pressed it to death and had to call it good, because I was running late for the field trip.
Also at first this seemed like a very formal dress, but I thought a bit and realized that with the exception of my black and grey sweaters, nearly everything I own matches this! Here's a picture of a more casual styling; I took it at dance class.

And yes, I would wear those socks with it.

I don't know how often I'll be posting, because I tend to sew in spurts, and then some weeks I just have too much homework.  For now, adios, amigos!