Me Made May 2016 !

I just signed up at  for Me Made May 2016 ! For those of you who don't know, Me Made May is a celebration of makers and encouragement for them to wear their products.  Participants make a pledge to wear a certain number of handmade items for the month of May.  This is supposed to be challenging, too, for makers.

I pledged to wear at least three items of handmade clothing a week, one of which must be a dress.  I tend to sew a lot in summer, which means I sew dresses, but outside of summer I rarely wear them. I am using this as encouragement to try and wear my dresses more often.  Who knows, maybe I'll find a new styling trick or two as well !

I also excluded undies and other undergarments from this as I tend to wear me-mades of that category almost daily anyway.

So are you guys going to participate in MMM16? What have you learned from it in the past?

P.S. I can't figure out how to add the widget! BlogSpot keeps telling me there's illegal characters in the code! Am I doing something wrong? I have no experience with technology like this. Help !!!