Pattern Cards

Every sewer/sewist loves getting new patterns, and I am no exception. The problem is, though, that when I want to see what options I have, the patterns are scattered everywhere! And it's hard to compare one pattern to another when they are drawn different ways, or there's no technical drawing at all. This is especially apparent in my swimwear patterns, where mixing and matching is common.
Hence I decided to make pattern cards!

They're really easy to make. All you need is cardstock, white paper, scissors or a paper cutter, adhesive of some kind, and something to draw with.

Here's what I did:

1.  Cut the white computer paper into sixths, or another size you like.
2. Draw your patterns on the papers.  I then traced over them with black pen.
3. Trim all your white paper pieces to be a bit smaller or more proportional to the drawing on them.  This isn't necessary but I like the drawings to be more evenly spaced on the paper.
4. Cut your cardstock to be a little bigger than your white paper. You can use a paper cutter if you have one, but scissors work just as well.  I used my mother's paper cutter just to save my wrist some effort.
5.  Adhere the white paper to the cardstock.
6. At this point, you can label the back of the cardstock with the pattern name/number, sizing, easy pattern hacks, or any other pertinent information.

And your pattern cards are done!
If you wanted the cards to be more easily identifiable (is that a word???) you can use different colored cardstock for each type of garment.  I used burgundy for one pieces, red for swim tops, and lavender for bottoms.
Originally I wanted to add pretty lace trim to my cards, but I ran out of time :( I think they still look amazing and are perhaps better without the ribbon as there's nothing to detract from the pattern picture.

Anyway, I know these help me and maybe they'll help you too! Enjoy the upcoming week!