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MMMay '16: Lessons Learnt

One final outfit for Me Made May '16. . . This one is special because I made EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING I AM WEARING !  That's right, everything.
Here you can see I'm wearing my white shirt...duh. I'm also wearing some new, cute patterned knit shorts.  They are so comfy ! I whipped them up this morning and immediately put them on. I am also wearing me-made unders: you can see the straps of my racerback bra.  And I'm wearing M5400 bottoms, but those aren't gonna see any light.
Here you can see the fun, lime green stretch crushed velvet that I used for the waistband. I love green ! These shorts are my take on the leggings of M7261. I'll have a review up sometime.
So now that it's over, what have I learned from Me Made May ?
Well . . .

1. I only like to wear dresses in summer, but once it gets hot, I will wear them. The last day I wore a dress I did so happily because it was already warm at 7 AM. This shows me that yes, my dresses do get worn, but o…

Me Made Graduation !

I did it ! I'm done with high school ! I graduated as valedictorian, just to let you know, and made a very nice, short speech. I did not trip in my heels. And I made a skirt specifically for this day.

Pattern: Butterick 4722
Size: I'm honestly not sure. I used whatever pieces were already cut out; they were probably a 14 (this is a girls' pattern.)
Materials Used: This is a crimson polyester satin from Hancock Fabrics.

Directions/Construction: I briefly glanced at the instructions and then didn't use them.  Instead of using petersham ribbon to finish the waist, I used bias tape. I wanted to make my own but had no time so used maroon.  I visited this Colette tutorial for a refresher, however before I did my last pass with the sewing machine, I stitched the seam allowance to the bias tape. It helps keeps the tape, or any facing, from rolling out.  This tutorial by Grainline Studio illustrates this better.
I also lazily used bias tape for the hem. It has tons of little wrink…

MMMay Week Four Round-Up

Greetings from someone who's been out of school for a week ! Okay, graduation is officially this Sunday, but no school for a week . . .
Alright, on to the clothes !
As I'm sure you can guess, I wore my white swing tee and my pineapple shirt (twice).

And for a dress I wore the same green shirtdress, my Water Lilies dress. I styled it differently though, and had some fun with my mom taking pictures.

You can see my new heels here ! They are my first ever pair of heels. Also, this is my attempt at that half-interested coy model face. Fail, right ? But the lovely matching dress and car make the photo. Say hi to Clara ! (She's my car.)  And here we have the awkward, let's sit next to the flower garden picture. But look at the whiteness of my legs next to the heels ! What contrast ! And the vibrant red mulch ! An awkward pose that demonstrates just how long my arms are, while I smile with my braces. This is my mom's car; I don't think she has a name. The pose my mom…

Introducing Summer: Plans

You may not know this, but I love making plans and lists. What was I supposed to do again ? Oh, wait, it's right here on this little piece of paper. Check, check, check.
Plans keep me on track and give me a sense of accomplishment.  Maybe I only did half the list, but hey it's half the list done !
So here's my general Summer '16 list.

1. Make a few more tops.  I'm thinking one knit tee, and one casual woven top.

2. Tidy up my sewing area. I'm heading off to college in August and I need to be able to identify what's what so I know what to take. Right now it looks like an elastic-filled bomb went KABOOM!

3. Build a basic pattern collection. No, I'm not designing ! I'm getting a basic group of patterns together so that when I want to make something, chances are I'll already have what I need, pattern-wise.  This will be kind of costly, so I'm taking all summer. In the long run, though, it will eliminate unnecessary purchases. I will be able to …

Adventures with Watson... ?

Warning: this post is about sewing bras. Therefore, talk about bras and the body parts that go in them are everywhere. Consider yourself warned.

Watson bras are everywhere in the blogosphere. Madalynne, Heather Lou, Novita, Chie, Sewaholic and many others have sewn them. They've even leaked into the non-sewing community by way of Sian of Rebel Angel.  And I LOVE the way they look on everyone else.  So simple and elegant, evocative of the seventies and screaming for personalization. So when I got this pattern somewhere around a month ago (thanks Mom!) I was expecting nothing less than fabulousness.

And the pattern itself is pretty fabulous. Or groovy, shall we ? It's just that the pattern on me is less than loveable. Or even likeable.  And this is through no fault of the pattern.  My sewing skills aren't to blame either. I think the Watson just doesn't suit me very well.

Size: My ribcage measure 28", and my full bust is 34", which puts me at a 28E for a regular…

MMMay Week Three Round Up

School's out . . . forever! The Alice Cooper song plays through my head.  Today was my last day of high school !!!!! I still have to go back for graduation practice and graduation, but the idea is still there. I'm done!

Anyway, on that note, here's what I wore handmade this week.

The first isn't a new picture, but it's pretty much the exact outfit I wore to work last Saturday. I know that's not this week, but it was after last week's round-up so it counts ! Then on Monday I wore a me-made leotard to dance class. I felt very chic and like a short version of Taylor Swift in my slim black top, skinny jeans, and Keds. Then on Wednesday I wore this self-drafted raglan top. I made it in the autumn for the holidays.  Finally, today I wore last year's shirtdress, which has small embroidered crabs on it. I wore flip flops to try and avoid the preppy look, and a friend said I narrowly avoided it, so hurrah for that. This dress is seriously lacking in construction…

A Compilation of Tees

I have a quirk: I love wearing basically the same thing every day, but I don't want to look like I am. So I end up wearing things that are very similar but not identical.  This translates into my sewing as well, as I don't think I've ever made exactly the same thing.  Even the two shirt dresses I made are different ! One has buttons all the way down and a facing instead of button placket, and the other's buttons stop at the waist. 
Wanting originality can be challenging when all you like to wear is tees and skinny jeans, though, so I have gotten creative.  Here is my compilation of three tees I have made all from essentially the same pattern!

The tee on the left is the original pattern, made for my mother.  If the wrinkling looks a bit odd, it's because I somehow slid a stripe down on one side.  You can see that as the bottom stripe trails off to the right. This one has a neckband.
The middle tee is a version that flares outwards from the underarms, but the shoul…

MMMay Week Two Round-Up

So how was the second week of May for you ? Mine was hectic.  I had something going on every night and three field trips right in a row.  First the band, which I play French horn and keyboard in, went to Cleveland. We went to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, the Science Center, and we saw Matilda the musical, which has wonderful choreography.  The next day Spanish 3+4 went to the Toledo Museum of Art to view the work of artists from Spain.  Our tour guide made me want to study Spanish art, which I have no interest in, so that's a testament to how enthusiastic and knowledgeable she was ! Finally today our Physics, Calc, and Chem 2 classes went to Cedar Point. We saw a presentation on engineering in roller coasters, and of course we rode the coasters. I personally didn't get to ride the new one, the ValRavn, but I heard it was really cool
Okay, on to the clothes!

On Sunday I wore a sleeveless blouse made out of quilting cotton from Burda Style 6810.  I rocked the wrinkles. …

Water Lilies Shirtdress

My summer sewing has commenced, and that means one thing-a new shirtdress! Last summer it was made out of gray seersucker embroidered with little red crabs.  This year it reminds me of Monet's paintings of water lilies.

Pattern: Burda 6810, which gives options for button-up shirts with darts, hidden buttons, and a collar with stand.

Fabric: A linen or linen blend from JoAnn's. They also have this print in a heavier weight cotton, I think.

Size: 8

Alterations: I added width to the sides, eliminated the darts, and lengthened it to be a slightly A-line dress.  I also added black grosgrain ribbon belt loops.  Also I eliminated the button band and just added width to the center front then folded it under (serging the edges, of course.  Although I think it would look lovely to have a bit of ribbon trim there, maybe a fuchsia to match the accents in the fabric.)

Construction:  Since this is a summer dress and I was more concerned about the collar and the buttons, I decided not to do a sel…

MMMay Week One Round-Up

So, without further ado, here are the outfits that included me-made clothing this week!

On the left is my M7261 top I recently made.  In the middle is a simple shirtdress hack that will be appearing soon, and on the right is a tee I made at the beginning of this school year.  It looks pretty pathetic now, and is so worn out I'll have to replace it soon. I forgot to take a picture of my whole outfit.  I wore it with black skinny jeans and a gray cardigan, not very colorful until you saw my crimson Keds! It's a very *me* outfit.  Loose top, skinny jeans and slim-fitting shoes.
Also, have you seen the little badges that Tasha Miller Griffith is making ?  They are so cute! They made me want to make something to celebrate making (ha, isn't that convoluted!), so I started making little tags to sew into my clothing !
I just found clip art pictures that I liked and traced them onto the wrong side of fabric before doing some very poor embroidery. Here they are!

They all have some …

Another One ?!?!

For those of you who do not know me, I have a love affair with white shirts.  Tees, button-downs, camisoles--you name it, if it's white and simple, I love it.  Currently I have 8 white tops--and that's not including the one I just made !

Introducing McCall's 7261, the great comfy long sleeve shirt.

Pattern: M7261--it has three different options for a raglan sleeve top with princess seams, and another option for leggings.

Size: With a bust measurement of 34", I chose to sew size 8. Again, McCall, your measurements are just wonky.  I don'tneed multiple inches of positive ease, especially not in a pattern meant for exercise! Be aware of this and size down.

MaterialsUsed:  I think the fabric is a poly-cotton blend.  I got it at the bargain table at Hancock's Fabrics, which is sadly closing down.

Directions/Construction: I didn't use the directions, to be honest. The pieces were clearly labeled and therefore easy to put together. The only thing I noticed was that y…