A Compilation of Tees

I have a quirk: I love wearing basically the same thing every day, but I don't want to look like I am. So I end up wearing things that are very similar but not identical.  This translates into my sewing as well, as I don't think I've ever made exactly the same thing.  Even the two shirt dresses I made are different ! One has buttons all the way down and a facing instead of button placket, and the other's buttons stop at the waist. 
Wanting originality can be challenging when all you like to wear is tees and skinny jeans, though, so I have gotten creative.  Here is my compilation of three tees I have made all from essentially the same pattern!

The tee on the left is the original pattern, made for my mother.  If the wrinkling looks a bit odd, it's because I somehow slid a stripe down on one side.  You can see that as the bottom stripe trails off to the right. This one has a neckband.
The middle tee is a version that flares outwards from the underarms, but the shoulders and sleeves are the same. It has a deep scoop neck and a high-low hem.
The tee on the right, or my Pineapple Shirt as I call it, has shoulders dropped by one inch. The sleeve heads are lowered as well, and the shirt flares out just a tad, with no shaping. The neck is still relatively high and it has an embroidered pineapple pocket.

It's neat to see how a simple pattern like this can be adapted and altered so many different ways.  Once fitted, you can use a pattern like this for a block and change it however you want.  Having something like this helps me sew things that I'll wear-simple but not identical.

For these shirts, I traced off a tee I had, but you can easily find t-shirt patterns with lots of options like the Lark Tee by Grainline Studio and the Concord Tee by Cashmerette for curvier girls.

Do you have any patterns like this that you can hack without fear ? Are you guys as picky dressers as I am, or is variety more your thing ?