Another One ?!?!

For those of you who do not know me, I have a love affair with white shirts.  Tees, button-downs, camisoles--you name it, if it's white and simple, I love it.  Currently I have 8 white tops--and that's not including the one I just made !

Introducing McCall's 7261, the great comfy long sleeve shirt.

Pattern: M7261--it has three different options for a raglan sleeve top with princess seams, and another option for leggings.

Size: With a bust measurement of 34", I chose to sew size 8. Again, McCall, your measurements are just wonky.  I don't need multiple inches of positive ease, especially not in a pattern meant for exercise! Be aware of this and size down.

Materials Used:  I think the fabric is a poly-cotton blend.  I got it at the bargain table at Hancock's Fabrics, which is sadly closing down.

Directions/Construction: I didn't use the directions, to be honest. The pieces were clearly labeled and therefore easy to put together. The only thing I noticed was that you had to pay attention to the notches when you put in the raglan sleeves, since the pattern only used notches and no written labels like "front side." Not a big deal. Oh, and this was the first neckband I've ever sewn !!! I'm so proud of it, even though it has a little pucker in the back.

I did all of the construction in my serger, except for the sleeve hems and the shirt hem, which were twin-needled on my Singer. By the way, the hem is a subtle high-low.  You can't really tell from the pictures, but it's there.

Alterations: Ok, so when I first tried the top on, before I hemmed it or added the neckband, I was struck by two things: The sleeves were rather wide for my liking, and there was a lot of excess fabric around the underarm.  You know those big crew-neck shirts that popular girls like to wear, the Pink or Ivory Ella ones? Well, it looked kind of like a smaller version of that, with all the over-sized fit. It also kind of resembled a pajama top. I don't plan to use it as a pajama top, so I slimmed down the sleeves and tried to get rid of some of the extra fabric.  It's not perfect, but it's a lot better now.


Fit: Like I said, it has some extra fabric around the armholes, and in general is pretty loose for what one would hope is a relatively slim-fitting exercise top.  Mine's not for exercise, and I haven't worn it enough to see if it bothers me.  If it does, I can always size down again. Regardless, it has no other fit issues and is super comfortable to wear.

Future Alterations: Looking at the pattern, I think the problem is that the armhole is simply too big.  Next time, I will attempt to make it smaller by raising the bottom edge.  This should take care of the excess fabric.

Comments: It's super comfy and I love it.  I especially like the back princess seams; there's just something about them that looks great.  And I'm proud of my neckband.
Thanks to my photographer friend Catherine for the pictures!

Do you guys have a love for a specific type of garment? What is it?