Introducing Summer: Plans

You may not know this, but I love making plans and lists. What was I supposed to do again ? Oh, wait, it's right here on this little piece of paper. Check, check, check.
Plans keep me on track and give me a sense of accomplishment.  Maybe I only did half the list, but hey it's half the list done !
So here's my general Summer '16 list.

1. Make a few more tops.  I'm thinking one knit tee, and one casual woven top.

2. Tidy up my sewing area. I'm heading off to college in August and I need to be able to identify what's what so I know what to take. Right now it looks like an elastic-filled bomb went KABOOM!

3. Build a basic pattern collection. No, I'm not designing ! I'm getting a basic group of patterns together so that when I want to make something, chances are I'll already have what I need, pattern-wise.  This will be kind of costly, so I'm taking all summer. In the long run, though, it will eliminate unnecessary purchases. I will be able to hack and modify what I have to make what I want.
Here's what I think makes a basic pattern checklist:
1. Basic tee, with sleeve options
2. Raglan tee
3. Skinny jean
4. Flare jean, not that I ever wear mine, but still
5. Classic button-up shirt
6. Sheath dress
7. Fit and flare dress
8. Loose dress
9. Casual pants like joggers
10. Leggings
11. Woven top
12. Pencil skirt
13. A-line skirt
14. Circle skirt.
15. Cardigan
16. Woven dress pants
That's a long list ! Luckily, I already have some of these items. 
I have:
Basic tee
Raglan tee
Fit and flare dress
Circle Skirt
A-line skirt if I can find it.
So really I only have 9 things to find, divided by three months which means three patterns a month for me. Doable ! (Hey look, I have two lists within the list !)

The last item on the list is definitely the longest one, but since it doesn't actually include making or cleaning anything it shouldn't be too bad. I think that cleaning will be the worst !!

This was just one part of my Introducing Summer posts.  The second one will be about inspiration.

Do you make a multitude of plans in your everyday life ? Or do you live on spontaneity ? Are there any other garments I should add to my list ?