Me Made Graduation !

I did it ! I'm done with high school ! I graduated as valedictorian, just to let you know, and made a very nice, short speech. I did not trip in my heels. And I made a skirt specifically for this day.

Pattern: Butterick 4722

Size: I'm honestly not sure. I used whatever pieces were already cut out; they were probably a 14 (this is a girls' pattern.)

Materials Used: This is a crimson polyester satin from Hancock Fabrics.

Directions/Construction: I briefly glanced at the instructions and then didn't use them.  Instead of using petersham ribbon to finish the waist, I used bias tape. I wanted to make my own but had no time so used maroon.  I visited this Colette tutorial for a refresher, however before I did my last pass with the sewing machine, I stitched the seam allowance to the bias tape. It helps keeps the tape, or any facing, from rolling out.  This tutorial by Grainline Studio illustrates this better.
I also lazily used bias tape for the hem. It has tons of little wrinkles but I kind of like them. In any case, they don't overly bother me.

Alterations: I did end up taking 2.5" out of the side seams, as the skirt sat on my hips but I wanted it on my waist. I probably could have taken out more, but I reckoned that I needed a little room for my shirt to be tucked in and then some eating room, so it stayed as is.

Fit: It fits very nicely and hits right in the middle of my knee like any proper, elegant skirt.

Future Alterations: I doubt I will make this pattern again for a long time, as I don't often wear skirts, much less long red ones, but I will probably continue to do on-the-fly side seam take-ins, as the amount needed can change from fabric to fabric.

Comments: I like it, and it worked very well for graduation. I felt very powerful and elegant. Also people-sized---the heels really elevated my style. You could say that they brought my fashion to new heights.  You could say . . . okay, Regan, knock it off ! I know, bad puns.
I can also see this skirt working for holiday parties, should I ever attend them, or merely elegant dinners. I can also dress it down with a fitted tee and sandals for something more casual.  Because it's so plain and I wear mostly neutrals, it's pretty versatile and I really like it.
By the way, this skirt is inspired by a dress I saw on Pinterest . . .

P.S. My technical difficulties have been fixed and this post is complete  !