MMMay '16: Lessons Learnt

One final outfit for Me Made May '16. . . This one is special because I made EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING I AM WEARING !  That's right, everything.
Here you can see I'm wearing my white shirt...duh. I'm also wearing some new, cute patterned knit shorts.  They are so comfy ! I whipped them up this morning and immediately put them on. I am also wearing me-made unders: you can see the straps of my racerback bra.  And I'm wearing M5400 bottoms, but those aren't gonna see any light.

Here you can see the fun, lime green stretch crushed velvet that I used for the waistband. I love green ! These shorts are my take on the leggings of M7261. I'll have a review up sometime.

So now that it's over, what have I learned from Me Made May ?
Well . . .

1. I only like to wear dresses in summer, but once it gets hot, I will wear them. The last day I wore a dress I did so happily because it was already warm at 7 AM. This shows me that yes, my dresses do get worn, but only when it's hot, so don't bother trying to wear them when you're shivering ! I doubt I will ever put a clause in MMMay again about dresses.

2. I wear a lot of the same things over and over again.  Everything but two of the dresses was repeated. I think I would benefit from a bit more variety, but . . .

3. I like to wear neutral colors on the outside and neutral colors only. So my few new tops will be nice, plain, and boring.  They'll get lots of wear.
Ha ! I realized that these shorts are sooo not neutral ! However, considering I don't wear shorts this short in public, and it's summer, and they coordinate with everything, I think my statement still stands.

I notice that Gillian mentioned how her clothing colors reflected her feelings and/or the weather, but I didn't see any correlation between those ideas in my wardrobe. I just like to wear black, gray, and white a lot. Which would probably make her cringe !

What did you learn from MMMay, if you participated ? If not, will you participate next year ?