MMMay Week Four Round-Up

Greetings from someone who's been out of school for a week ! Okay, graduation is officially this Sunday, but no school for a week . . .
Alright, on to the clothes !
As I'm sure you can guess, I wore my white swing tee and my pineapple shirt (twice).

And for a dress I wore the same green shirtdress, my Water Lilies dress. I styled it differently though, and had some fun with my mom taking pictures.

You can see my new heels here ! They are my first ever pair of heels. Also, this is my attempt at that half-interested coy model face. Fail, right ? But the lovely matching dress and car make the photo. Say hi to Clara ! (She's my car.)

And here we have the awkward, let's sit next to the flower garden picture. But look at the whiteness of my legs next to the heels ! What contrast ! And the vibrant red mulch !
An awkward pose that demonstrates just how long my arms are, while I smile with my braces. This is my mom's car; I don't think she has a name.
The pose my mom made me do that makes me feel like I'm in the 60's.
And my two favorites, because they show off my quirky personality best:
Ah yes, the stretch and show off my back pose ! I'm really fond of this one.
And the slightly scared, I don't think these are stable, but hey let's pose anyway look.
I really like these heels.
So that's all I have for now, buuuut I will have a graduation post ! So expect that Sunday night or so. Also, to those in America, happy Memorial Day ! Remember that this is really about honoring those who died while serving our country, not barbeques. Have a good week !


  1. Thanks ! This was when I realized that my photos can be as wacky as I am.

  2. Fudgitaboutit! I trying to reply to you, Louise Perry, and I accidently deleted your comment. If you ever stumble across this page again, sorry !


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