MMMay Week Three Round Up

School's out . . . forever! The Alice Cooper song plays through my head.  Today was my last day of high school !!!!! I still have to go back for graduation practice and graduation, but the idea is still there. I'm done!

Anyway, on that note, here's what I wore handmade this week.

The first isn't a new picture, but it's pretty much the exact outfit I wore to work last Saturday. I know that's not this week, but it was after last week's round-up so it counts ! Then on Monday I wore a me-made leotard to dance class. I felt very chic and like a short version of Taylor Swift in my slim black top, skinny jeans, and Keds. Then on Wednesday I wore this self-drafted raglan top. I made it in the autumn for the holidays.  Finally, today I wore last year's shirtdress, which has small embroidered crabs on it. I wore flip flops to try and avoid the preppy look, and a friend said I narrowly avoided it, so hurrah for that. This dress is seriously lacking in construction quality and probably won't get worn much because of that.  Even though I made it only a year ago, my sewing skills and knowledge have grown so much that I cringe when I look at the seams and whatnot.
It's hard to believe that I'm done with school ! I am super happy, except I had to say good bye to my favorite teacher. I've had her for three years straight and it's hard to realize that I will never sit in her classroom again. I think this shows just how much of an impact she's had on my life.
So how has me-made-May been going for you? For those of you with a school-year-like schedule, are you ready for summer vacation ? Is the weather ready for summer vacation ? I think that one's a no.