MMMay Week Two Round-Up

So how was the second week of May for you ? Mine was hectic.  I had something going on every night and three field trips right in a row.  First the band, which I play French horn and keyboard in, went to Cleveland. We went to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, the Science Center, and we saw Matilda the musical, which has wonderful choreography.  The next day Spanish 3+4 went to the Toledo Museum of Art to view the work of artists from Spain.  Our tour guide made me want to study Spanish art, which I have no interest in, so that's a testament to how enthusiastic and knowledgeable she was ! Finally today our Physics, Calc, and Chem 2 classes went to Cedar Point. We saw a presentation on engineering in roller coasters, and of course we rode the coasters. I personally didn't get to ride the new one, the ValRavn, but I heard it was really cool
Okay, on to the clothes!

On Sunday I wore a sleeveless blouse made out of quilting cotton from Burda Style 6810.  I rocked the wrinkles.  On Monday I wore a new tee, styled in a very me-like outfit.  On Thursday I wore a dress traced off and modified from something preexisting. It's probably good that I don't have a picture of me in it, because I felt heavier that day and the blousing and elastic around my waist was not helping.  I'm not sure if I still like this dress; I think I'll have to wear it again to find out.  Oh, and a bonus me-made ! On Wednesday I wore the exact same outfit with this shirt as last week, except with the chartreuse sweater picture with the gray shirt. It's definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

Well, I don't think I have any comments to make, except to say that the second outfit from the left was taken by one of my little girls at dance class ! I just asked them all to make sure my head and my feet were in the picture, and this is what one of them gave me ! I think it's pretty cool.
Adios for now !