Introducing Summer: Inspiration

Now for all the pictures ! This is all my inspiration for this summer, but first I must begin by saying what I already have that I like.

I cleaned out and organized my closet-like area (no actual closet for me) on Friday and had a few realizations. All my summer clothes from last year are brightly colored ! Florals, stripes, graphic tees abounded. I internally shielded my eyes and screamed, "The light ! The light ! It hurts!"  I looked back into what I had been wearing lately, my transitional type clothing. Talk about monochrome and solids ! Most of my clothing was white, gray, or black, with the exception of my chartreuse sweater, crimson Keds, and my coral purse.  And I had exactly one striped shirt. Everything else was plain. That's it.

That was my awakening:
I like wearing boring clothes. In solid colors. Without frills or other girly details.
Knowing that, I began to think about how I wanted to dress and what I wanted to make this summer. I pulled these images from my Summer Pinterest board:

I love the contrast between the dark green and white. I also love the simple silhouette, though I like the stripes more than the leaf pattern.

Here I love the saturated colors of burgundy and mustard. I also love the wrap top, though I wouldn't wear one.  The simple lines of the designs are good too.  But no spiky heels for me ! Ooh, in case you missed it, my graduation skirt was inspired by the right photo.

I just love the whole ensemble on the left. Denim jumpsuit/playsuit with appropriate cut outs, and it's not overalls...color me YES ! Watch me recreate this sometime this summer, because YES. Also I just generally love the image on the right. It's carefree and has my burgundy color. Have I mentioned the sandals too ? I love them. Block heels and simple lines are just appealing to me right now.

And here's some images that I just liked. I like the woven top in the left, with its collar...what do we call those kind of collars ? I don't think they're quite Mandarin. Really it just looks like a collar stand. I believe the design is by Margaret Howell, but I'm not sure. I do want to make a top like this; I think it would be different enough from what I have but still similar enough to be worn. And on the right we have some fun, colored swimsuits with contrast binding. Something I think I will have to try.

Well, there's my inspiration for this summer ! Lots of simple silhouettes and a bit of seventies love. 
What are you making this summer, and what the idea/inspiration behind it ?