So Gillian is back at it with Sewing Dares ! These are voluntary dares where someone challenges you to make something a little bit out of your comfort zone. But first they look to see what is your comfort zone. Sounds confusing, right ? It's really not.  Here's a transcript of my dare:

Sorry it looks funny- I couldn't get it all on one screen.
So that's what I'm doing--I'm refashioning two tops.  Here they are beforehand:
That's closer to the real color; it's more of a salmon/not quite coral, instead of a bubblegum color. Theoretically I like this color and this shirt, but when I go to put it on, I'm thinking eeew, pink. Also in these pictures I have already removed the buttons.  I'm going to dye this one red and see if I like it better. Since it's already pink, I don't know what color it will turn out, but I'm willing to risk it.

And this one...just looking at it, I ought to like it.  It's a dark navy which is mostly neutral and its neckline isn't too high.  When I put it on, though, the fit is off. I think it's the sleeves. They're wrong somehow.  So I'm going to rip out the sleeves and turn this into a raglan top with the help of some stretch lace.  I'll also probably end up dying this black, as I have this intense hatred and loathing for anything blue. I'm not sure where this came from, but it is alive and present in my wardrobe. No blue.
So those are my plans for my Sewing Dare !

I also dared Lauren to make something artist inspired ! She makes such lovely clothing and has made nearly every type of garment already, so I got creative with the challenge. I suggested Frida Kahlo as inspiration and it looks like that's what she's going with !

Are you taking a Sewing Dare ?