Swimsuit # 1

Some time ago, I posted my swimwear sewing plans...and now I have the first part of what really happened.

Here it is. My first wearable swimsuit. As you can see, it doesn't line up with my plans at all, except for the fact that it uses my geometric print and black.
Well, after my woes with Watson, I knew I wasn't going to use that pattern, so back to my pattern collection I went. And what jumped out at me except for M6759 ?

Pattern: Top is M6759. Bottoms are self drafted/traced from existing/mashup.

Materials Used: Geo print is from the Fabric Fairy. Black milliskin is from Spandex World. Lining is from one of those two, I don't remember which.

Directions/Construction:  This was really easy to put together, and I didn't use instructions. It has two basic pieces. I did add some underbust elastic to the lining. I forgot to do before I sewed the side seams, so I had a hard time maneuvering the layers so I didn't accidently sew the main fabric. I added this elastic for support, but the swimsuit is sooo tight that it's probably not necessary.

Alterations: I did my standard alteration of narrowing both pieces slightly to match my TNT bandeau, Madalynne (altered from the Mallori Lane pattern by Madalynne). Also to get this crop-top-like length, I simply cut off the pattern above the waist.

Fit: It fits well ! This is the original pattern, so the armholes are really high, but I got used to that pretty quickly. It is veeeeery tight, but in water it feels fine. It's not going anywhere !

Future Alterations: I may lower the armholes. Maybe.

Comments: This is a great sporty suit and provides plenty of coverage. 

Now, the bottoms are pretty low rise, but I don't mind that. The only thing I would change there is to stretch the elastic more through the back waist because they wanted to come off when I moved too fast through the water, but it wasn't bad or obvious, so it's okay.

Also, on the topic of swimsuits. I wasn't really feeling like taking pictures of me in one, but I remember that Cashmerette says that every body is a swimsuit body, so here it is ! You can thank her and feminism for these pictures. I think you deserve to see what the pattern looks like on a human. Also I will not let society tell me that my stomach and hips are not decent for being seen just because they aren't totally toned. Boys aren't taught to cover up their stomachs when they swim, but girls are? So really, Cashmerette, feminism, and my contrary attitude bring these pictures to you.
You know, maybe if I spent more time taking pictures I could find what I perceive to be more flattering angles for the back and sides of me, but being in front of a camera in minimal clothing is not my idea of fun so here we are, and while I don't love these pictures I don't think standing in front of a camera will help me love them, so.

Have you guys been sewing swimsuits ? I know on the Curvy Collective they're using June as Swimsuit Month ! Are you following along, or is swimwear something that scares you ?