Unseasonable Sewing for Unseasonable Weather

Brrr ! It's freezing here ! That's not right for June.  So, to fit in with the weather, I made a snuggly sweatshirt/sweater !

Actually, I had planned this out before the unseasonable chill, but took advantage of the weather to take pictures.

Pattern: A mashed up version of M7261's top.

Size: 8, like my white version where I actually followed the rules.

Materials Used: This is a charcoal gray poly double knit sweater knit from JoAnn's.  I had been admiring its soft snugglyness when I found it on the clearance table and bought it all up (just over 2 yards.)

Directions/Construction: Yeah, no.  It's a knit top with bands instead of hems.

Alterations: You may notice the lack of princess seams ! To do this, I just laid my pattern pieces out on the fabric, overlapping seam allowances at the shoulder/raglan seam to make sure I didn't mess that length up.  Then I just kind of cut and fudged around and it worked.  I did have to try to eliminate the high-low, which was relatively hard (hard ? This was all easy "hey I've got extra fabric" cutting.)

Fit: On my white version, I took a lot of ease out of the underarm, but I left it here as it's very snuggly and allows me to wear layers. Yay for layers ! Winter Regan is an Always Cold Regan, and she never goes out without multiple layers.
This is called sewing for  the climate, not the style.

Future Alterations: Okay, so I'm really bad at guessing how long to make the bands.  The first time I did the sleeve, it was way too small. It was also the same thickness as the hem, and I didn't like it. So I ripped it out.  Now the sleeve band is all long and snuggly. 
Personally I do not like the hem band much; I think it's too tight and it kind of pillows out the top. However, I did not immediately fix it so let's face it--it's not likely that I will ever fix it. Next time, though, I will make it longer and wider (more snuggly).

Comments: When I was making this, I wanted something to spice it up and decided to put trim on the raglan seams.  I never found trim though, so it stayed basic. Looking at it now, I like it. I think it was just almost too easy of a make for me.

And here's an outtake, just to show what a goof I can be . . .

Cross-eyed tin soldier much ?
I hope your weather is much nicer than ours . . .