Unselfish Sewing, Part 1

Selfish sewing has become quite a normal term to hear in the sewing blogosphere. Generally speaking, it refers to when one prefers to sew for oneself.  It can be because others are not appropriately grateful or simply because one is a hoarder and doesn't want to share his or her fabric.  (Here I think of Heather saying, "All the pretties" while stroking her Lillestoff.)
Whatever the case may be, I don't see anything wrong with selfish sewing. In fact, I would normally say I am one, but . . .

In the past 11 months I have sewn:

A tank for a friend's 13th birthday
A sweater for my mother for Christmas
Infinity scarf for a friend's Christmas present
Appliqued swing tee for my friend Catherine's present
Colorblocked knit top for yet a different friend's Christmas gift
Lovely rayon top for Catherine's birthday
Striped tee for Mother's Day
Woven shorts for Catherine's graduation present
Yoga shorts (like my Frida Kahlo floral ones) for the friend whose name I haven't said

That's a lot !!! I think it's obvious that maybe I'm not so selfish when it comes to making things for people that I know will like them (also it helps that I know their sizes offhand).  I do hoard my fabric though, and NO ONE can touch my machine.

But anyway, here's some unselfish sewing I just did.

Pattern: taken from my personal tee shirt pattern with the sleeves omitted.

Materials Used: Rayon spandex from JoAnn's

Construction: I serged the side seams and twin-needled the hem, neckline, and armholes. Also I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely this rayon hemmed. It didn't stretch at all which is unusual in my experience with rayon knits.
Also, I've noticed that often a printed knit fabric will show less white between the print when you cut it so that the ribs go sideways across the shirt.  If you can't visualize what I'm talking about, go look at a tee shirt. Can you see how the fabric's stiches go up and down more and it probably stretches better side to side? Well with printed fabrics sewing it like that tends to show the base fabric as the print stretches. So I turn it sideways, as long as there's sufficient stretch in the other direction.  The pattern doesn't lose its color then. Whew, that's confusing.

Alterations: Well, I was really short on fabric, so the arm holes aren't quite as wide as the fabric, but I think it's okay. Also I took small crescent shaped pieces out of the front armhole. Before it was quite straight and needed a sleeve to look right, but now it sits nicely on the shoulder  with a tank-top curve.

Fit: Mom likes it, and she's really picky, so I lucked out there.

Future Alterations: I'm pretty sure she expects a few more, so next time I won't be so daft as to try and get a shirt out of half a yard. I will buy at least 3/4 of a yard.

Comments: I wish I could have done something with pattern placement, but like I said, half a yard is not conducive to that. However, she likes it, so it's not a big deal.

This time I got to play artistic director and tell her to pose !

Do you do much unselfish sewing ? Is it only for