Update: I Learnt One More Thing

So I learned one more thing in Me Made May, or at least recently, while doing all my summer planning.

Having a completely me made wardrobe is not practical nor ethical to me.

Don't get me wrong--I would love to have that life. Right now, though, it makes no sense.
I get a lot of hand me down clothing from family, friends, and clothes swaps. This clothing is FREE, something that sewing will never be. Also by wearing it, I am saving it from landfills or Goodwill, which can't sell everything. These hand me downs fit me and my style, so turning them away in order to sew is just garbage. It doesn't make sense.
Why would I sew jeans when I have plenty of almost perfect pairs ? Ok, jeans actually are the clothes that fit the worst on me, but still. I can wear them without looking indecent and that, to me as a teenager and not a couture sewist, is more important. My wardrobe isn't flawless in terms of beautiful, beautifully fitting clothes, but it's cohesive and fits me.
Personally, I think a few flaws add a little character. They show who I am and what I consider important.

Also, sewing all my clothes would take up so much time that I could be using to sew what I really want. I like to sew the occasional thing for others, especially little girls. That takes time and I'd rather do that than sew sweaters.

Finally, I love thrifting !! I inherited that trait from my grandmother and am proud of it. Why would I stop that because I sew?

So while someday I may rule the world with my handmade clothing, for now I know that completely hand sewn is not realistic or even desirable. And I'm okay with that.