Yoga Shorts, for Lack of a Better Title

Now that school's out, I have been getting up at 7 AM and doing yoga on some days. I really enjoy it as it's similar to dance. It also has a more peaceful, healing focus than other sports. So I made myself some shorts for it !

I also sleep in these shorts (only one pair at a time, ha ) so it makes my morning routine really easy.

Pattern: M7261
Size: I made a size 8, even though, like always, McCall's says I should make a size 12.
Materials Used: The ones above are made from a printed rayon spandex from JoAnn's with a polyester lime green stretch crushed velvet waistband. The ones at the bottom are made of a crazy cotton-poly knit from JoAnn's with a dark green cotton-poly waistband.
Directions/Constructions: I didn't look at them, let's be real. It's a nice easy project that--hems aside--can totally be done on a serger, which I did.
I just used a twin needle to hem the floral ones.
For these rayon ones, I used a walking foot for the hem, which is also twin-needled. There are little ripples in the hem in the back, but I suspect that they would have a been a lot worse without the walking foot.
Alterations: I angled the hems so that the shorts are shorter in the front and longer in the back, which I think is a nice touch for a basic pattern.  Also I realized a few days after hemming these that I did it backwards, and really the back is shorter ! Luckily as knit shorts it's not a big issue. All that space in the back where they are loose, though, goes away when I wear them correctly (which I can't really do.)
Also for the second pair, the rayon/velvet ones, I made the waistband a bit longer, because it was hard to stretch out to serge to the pant.  This wouldn't need to be done if you used something stretchier like nylon spandex.
Fit: I like them. They're comfy. But next time I will hem them correctly.  In the pictures you can see how high the waistband goes-it's almost to my belly button, which makes for very comfortable shorts. However, if you have more of a derriere than I do, you may need to add additional fabric to the rear. I know someone on Pattern Review commented that she did.
Future Alterations: none !
My mother was playing artistic director in these photos, so that's where the weird, let's see what we can do comes from.
Also ! This pose is technically not a variation of the Warrior pose that I know of, but the Warrior makes me think of the chapter in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where they go to learn how to duel, so here's me pretending to be Lockhart doing yoga:
I think I would win that duel !
So what are your summer activities ? Are you making specialty clothing for them ?