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This Needs a Name

Hello again ! I return after a day of college shopping and another day of work.

I return with a snazzy new handmade bralette.

And it needs a name.

Something to inspire me, because this bralette is only a wearable muslin. And only half wearable.

You see, I did what designers do, although I didn't do it intentionally. I accidentally designed this for a B cup. I am NOT a B cup. This bralette, when on me, either sits correctly under my bust and is rather short, or sits correctly up top and doesn't contain all my chest. It's too short for me.

It's not a hard fix, per se, but I do have to start back at the drawing board, because you cant lengthen this without affecting proportion.

Also this bralette just isn't flattering and doesn't capture the young, wild, hippie-by-day, disco-by-night vibe that I was going for.  Hopefully it will when it actually encases my whole chest.

Here's the inspiration, pulled from Pinterest. I believe I found it under my search for …

Swimsuit # 2

Here I am, a day late ! Sorry for the delay. I wanted to post yesterday, but I had lost my favorite patterns, so I couldn't sew anything that appealed to me. Today I finally found them, carefully put away in the wrong bag, so I'm back to making.
And here's what I finished : a great seventies style swim suit.

Ooh, neat, our dead grass and mid-toned trees almost give this photo a sepia-like coloring. If only I had a brown skirt...

Pattern: McCall's 5400, the halter top.

Size: 8, C/D cup. It's nice that it has two different cup sizes. The bottoms are mashed up from the bottoms of that pattern, size 8.

MaterialsUsed: The spandex is from Spoonflower, from user micklyn. The lining was from various places, nothing fancy. The swim elastic and swim hooks (G-hooks) are from JoAnn's.

Directions/Construction: I did use the directions briefly while making the muslin. Then I ignored them. It was pretty straightforward to make, you just had to remember to gather between the notc…

Summer Unders

So hey guys, here I am. Still busy and tired, with another full week ahead of me. But I managed to squeeze in some time to sew essentials.
Some summer unders.

They're bright and super happy. This lighting does not do them justice.  The top is from Spoonflower lycra, the same as my racer back bra, and the bottom is a pinky coral cotton spandex salvaged from thrifted yoga pants. The back has seams because I was running on scraps. I used a personal mashup pattern for these but with one alteration. Here's what I did. I basically just cut across the pattern, leveled out the sides and added seam allowance. Then I sewed up the leg holes with fold over elastic. It was just from Hobby Lobby and I don't think it was sewing quality, but it got the job done. I messed up a little with the tension of the elastic but steamed it afterwards and it shrunk some. Yay steam ! The areas where it switched from one fabric to another were kind of hard. I imagine they'd be easier with higher q…


I'm tired. There's no way around that. I've been busy with work, and dance, and college orientation, and my graduation party, and our house is a mess of small improvement projects. . . I'm tired. Not to mention I turned 18 recently and applied for a passport and stuff like that. I've had very little free time to relax and get fresh inspiration collected (though it's there) so I have nothing really new to report.
Anyway, I made a tee shirt. It's a repeat.

My other white shirt is pretty grungy by now. I made it last August and it's seen weekly wear if not more than that. It has some holes in the arm pits and wasn't good quality to begin with. So I remade it.

The pattern is traced off a tee and then modified; the fabric is white rayon spandex jersey from JoAnn's.

The only thing different about this from anything else is that I hemmed it with a lightning bolt stitch. Normally I twin needle stitch, but something was wonky in my tension and I didn'…

Inari: A Tale of Five and a Half Muslins

I love the Inari dress by Named Clothing. It's simple, it's modern, and it looks good on nearly every single person.
But I'm aware of my fitting issues: I know that my bust is proportionally larger than my other measurements. I know that my shoulders are pretty narrow, and so is my underbust. With this is mind, I ordered the Inari PDF pattern. In English, mind you, though speaking Finnish would be pretty cool.
Picture is from Named Clothing's website.
After I got it I deliberated over sizing for at least half an hour, before I decided that I needed more info and contacted the company ( at 10:00 at night my time). I asked for high bust, cup size, and under bust measurements, and the awesome ladies of Named replied quite promptly, considering the time difference. ( I received the email back at 4:20 AM. )
I looked at the measurements, remeasured myself in centimeters for precision, and compared everything. For every single measurement I was in between a 2 and a 4. I was cl…

Inari, MYnari, F-inari-ally

Here it is !!! My new favorite dress !!!

I've been admiring the Inari Dress by Named Patterns for a while now . . . there are chic versions all over the blogosphere, but umm, other than Heather's linen ones I can't really find any. Except the one that I think convinced me to get the pattern ! Here is Lady Sewalot's pink rayon Inari that pushed me over the edge.

I love this dress. I pretty much love just about everything that she makes. It might have to do with our similar ages and somewhat similar body shapes, but if I see her make something I'm more like to try it.

And I'm sooo glad I did !! I love this dress !! It makes me so elegant and effortless. It makes me want to pull on my heels and wear some lipstick (so I did in these pictures).

Pattern: Inari tee dress and crop top by Named Clothing.

Size: 0 at the shoulders and sleeves, graded to a 2 at the waist. This was hard to figure out, as my measurements are actually between a 2 and 4. After some dialogue bet…

Backpack, Backpack

How is your week going ? Are you guys drenched in as much heat as we are ? And no rain yet, either ! It's so hot I wore a skirt the other day ! Gasp !

Well, speaking of skirts, I had lots of fabric left over after I made my graduation skirt.  Polyester crimson satin--what can be done with that ??? After digging through my stash and finding coordinating leftovers, I had an answer: A backpack.

Granted, it's not made very well, but still. A backpack ! Of red satin !

Here you can see that the lining is navy floral rayon twill that I used for my dress a long time ago. Really, I got the rayon last year around this time for my birthday, but it stayed a UFO (un finished object) for much longer. 

The beauteous zipper that I love: It's a gold jeans zipper and the only thing I bought specifically for this project.

Even the pocket is lined, though I probably didn't do it correctly. Oh well ! It's pretty.

I embroidered the top with leaves. It's done in crimson pearl cotton…

Sewing Dare Results--Part 1

Remember the sewing dare I received from Gillian ? I was dared to update some things I already had by dye, distress, or other means.

And here is part one. I had decided to dye this shirt a dark red.
Well, the day came when I dyed it, and it was fun, but....

Dark red it is not. This is cherry/watermelon/wild strawberry colored, people. Not dark red.
Okay, so first I couldn't find a crimson color like I wanted at JoAnn's. And then what I did find came in a bottle where you had to measure out a specific amount. So instead I picked the packet where it said it would fully dye "up to a large shirt." The color was Tulip Red, I don't remember the brand.
But in any case, this is not dark red. This is fruit colored.

I don't know how I feel about that.
I do like the color, but it's still bright . . . which I was trying to escape. It's more *me* than a salmon pink, but it's bright. . . At least it's not a orangey, tomato red. It's a pink red. Makes…

Little Whimsy

Remember the little Made labels I did during Me Made May ? Well, they have kindled a love of embroidery in me. 

I don't know why I love embroidery so much.  It might have to do with the fact that I'm beginning something new--learning new techniques are fun !! (except in woven fabrics. Sorry.)
It also might involve the fact that the more that I sew, the quicker I am, and therefore the less time I actually spend at the machine, which is my favorite part. The hum of the machine and the mindless concentration needed are calming.

And I think I get that calm feeling with embroidery. There's very little prep before you start, and from then on it's all needle in, needle out, focused love.

During May, I didn't focus much on technique, but now I am, and I found this fabulous book that teaches you sooo much.

The book is called Doodle Stitching:Embroidery and Beyond by Aimee Ray, and I love it. First off, it has chapters on basic embroidery, cross stitch, and applique. Howev…