Backpack, Backpack

How is your week going ? Are you guys drenched in as much heat as we are ? And no rain yet, either ! It's so hot I wore a skirt the other day ! Gasp !

Well, speaking of skirts, I had lots of fabric left over after I made my graduation skirt.  Polyester crimson satin--what can be done with that ??? After digging through my stash and finding coordinating leftovers, I had an answer: A backpack.

Granted, it's not made very well, but still. A backpack ! Of red satin !

Here you can see that the lining is navy floral rayon twill that I used for my dress a long time ago. Really, I got the rayon last year around this time for my birthday, but it stayed a UFO (un finished object) for much longer. 

The beauteous zipper that I love: It's a gold jeans zipper and the only thing I bought specifically for this project.

Even the pocket is lined, though I probably didn't do it correctly. Oh well ! It's pretty.

I embroidered the top with leaves. It's done in crimson pearl cotton.

The straps are most shoddily done. They're just tubes of fabric. Do you know how hard it was to turn them right side out ? Un fun. Very un fun.
Also I only realized belatedly that um, straps are centered at the top. Mine very obviously aren't. It makes wearing the backpack weird, but I usually just sling it over one shoulder which is less weird.

I made the straps way too long ,and instead of figuring out how much to cut off, I just tied some knots in the bottoms.

How I made this:
I took a piece of printer paper and rounded out the edges. This was my base.
Then I attempted to figure out its new perimeter. I overestimated it. There are pleats of extra fabric in the back as a result.
I divided the perimeter by four and then added seam allowances. This makes the panels.
I decided how high I wanted to make it. 13" maybe ? I don't remember.
The panels then are the (perimeter/4 + seam allowance) by the (height + seam allowance). This should make rectangles.
If you want to make a pocket, make one panel a few inches taller than the rest, to account for the fabric taken up by the zipper.
The top pattern piece is just a piece of printer paper cut into a semi-circle shape.
The straps are just tubes of fabric.

As you can see, the bag gapes open. I still want to get those metal eyelet type things and hammer them in so that I can string cord/ribbon through the top and tighten it. I have silver ones, but I want gold to match the zipper. Currently, without a way to fasten the top, things have a habit of falling out. I actually made this in June, so I have plenty of evidence to support that statement. I use this bag for dance and cannot count the number of times my pointe shoes have escaped the bag.

Well ! That's one use for crimson satin. I still have lots more though, so any suggestions ? Have you guys made any bags ? Did you actually follow a pattern ? How did it turn out ?