Inari, MYnari, F-inari-ally

Here it is !!! My new favorite dress !!!

I've been admiring the Inari Dress by Named Patterns for a while now . . . there are chic versions all over the blogosphere, but umm, other than Heather's linen ones I can't really find any. Except the one that I think convinced me to get the pattern ! Here is Lady Sewalot's pink rayon Inari that pushed me over the edge.

I love this dress. I pretty much love just about everything that she makes. It might have to do with our similar ages and somewhat similar body shapes, but if I see her make something I'm more like to try it.

And I'm sooo glad I did !! I love this dress !! It makes me so elegant and effortless. It makes me want to pull on my heels and wear some lipstick (so I did in these pictures).

Pattern: Inari tee dress and crop top by Named Clothing.

Size: 0 at the shoulders and sleeves, graded to a 2 at the waist. This was hard to figure out, as my measurements are actually between a 2 and 4. After some dialogue between Named and myself, and then a few ill-fitting muslins, I decided to start here and do alterations.

Materials Used: I think this is a poly-cotton blend. I purchased it from JoAnn's a year or two ago, which classifies it as deep stash for me. When I first bought it, I loved it, but then my love fizzled away. It came back this summer though, so I used it. I also used (depending on your definition) vintage blue bias tape to finish the neck and arms.
1986 ! Look !

Directions/Construction: I did follow the directions for once, and I thought they were very well written.
Instead of doing a facing, though, I used bias tape because I like it better. It does make the dress a little hard to pull over my head if I've already done my hair, but it makes me happy, so.

Alterations: Oh my, I did a bevy of these and have a whole other post about my journey to the final product. Suffice it to say I did:
                                   Broad back adjustment
                                   Raised armscyes
                                   Redrafted armscyes and sleeve heads
                                   Angled sleeves forward

Don't worry, my elbows do that naturally. I swear I didn't break myself.

Fit: It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than it was before these alterations. I can raise my arms fairly high and that's important to me.
This dress does seem rather long in comparison to other Inaris I've seen, but then at 5'3" I fall at the short end of the spectrum. Named drafts for women who are 5'8" tall, so my (lack of) height explains the length. I like it because it's definitely work appropriate.
I love the cocoon shape and am glad I stuck to a smaller size, because it could become overwhelming on me otherwise.

Future alterations: Who knows ?

Comments: Have I mentioned I love this dress ?

I feel so elegant. This dress is not a twirling dress, oh no, this dress is a get up on the table top and DANCE dress, and had I any disposable, sturdy table tops, I would happily oblige. As it is, I have settled for wearing it two days in a row and reveling in every minute of it.

Have you made Inari ? Is there a dress that makes you feel this elegant, giddy, and inclined to dance around the house in heels ? Tell me !!!