Sewing Dare Results--Part 1

Remember the sewing dare I received from Gillian ? I was dared to update some things I already had by dye, distress, or other means.

And here is part one. I had decided to dye this shirt a dark red.
Well, the day came when I dyed it, and it was fun, but....

Dark red it is not. This is cherry/watermelon/wild strawberry colored, people. Not dark red.

Okay, so first I couldn't find a crimson color like I wanted at JoAnn's. And then what I did find came in a bottle where you had to measure out a specific amount. So instead I picked the packet where it said it would fully dye "up to a large shirt." The color was Tulip Red, I don't remember the brand.

But in any case, this is not dark red. This is fruit colored.

I don't know how I feel about that.

I do like the color, but it's still bright . . . which I was trying to escape. It's more *me* than a salmon pink, but it's bright. . . At least it's not a orangey, tomato red. It's a pink red. Makes sense since I dyed a pink shirt.

I couldn't find any buttons at home to match it and I was sick of it just hanging out by the sewing machine, so I just hand-sewed the button placket shut. My modesty is protected and I highly doubt anyone will notice my lack of buttons.

I'm wearing the shirt today, and I feel fine in it; the question is will it be something I reach for in the mornings? Or will it be the shirt I wear when all my neutral clothes are in the wash ?

Any suggestions for me ? Ways to make me like it, ideas for dying, anything ? I will take anything !