Summer Unders

So hey guys, here I am. Still busy and tired, with another full week ahead of me. But I managed to squeeze in some time to sew essentials.
Some summer unders.

They're bright and super happy. This lighting does not do them justice.  The top is from Spoonflower lycra, the same as my racer back bra, and the bottom is a pinky coral cotton spandex salvaged from thrifted yoga pants.
The back has seams because I was running on scraps.
I used a personal mashup pattern for these but with one alteration. Here's what I did.
I basically just cut across the pattern, leveled out the sides and added seam allowance. Then I sewed up the leg holes with fold over elastic. It was just from Hobby Lobby and I don't think it was sewing quality, but it got the job done. I messed up a little with the tension of the elastic but steamed it afterwards and it shrunk some. Yay steam !
The areas where it switched from one fabric to another were kind of hard. I imagine they'd be easier with higher quality FOE.
The top is finished with nude picot elastic from ArteCrafts's shop on Etsy.
 It was a quick make but a useful one. And don't worry, I am trying to sew different things.
Do you guys sew your unders ? I know that it's often a hot topic in the sewing community, or at least one where people have very distinct views.