Swimsuit # 2

Here I am, a day late ! Sorry for the delay. I wanted to post yesterday, but I had lost my favorite patterns, so I couldn't sew anything that appealed to me. Today I finally found them, carefully put away in the wrong bag, so I'm back to making.
And here's what I finished : a great seventies style swim suit.

Ooh, neat, our dead grass and mid-toned trees almost give this photo a sepia-like coloring. If only I had a brown skirt...

Pattern: McCall's 5400, the halter top.

Size: 8, C/D cup. It's nice that it has two different cup sizes. The bottoms are mashed up from the bottoms of that pattern, size 8.

Materials Used: The spandex is from Spoonflower, from user micklyn. The lining was from various places, nothing fancy. The swim elastic and swim hooks (G-hooks) are from JoAnn's.

Directions/Construction: I did use the directions briefly while making the muslin. Then I ignored them. It was pretty straightforward to make, you just had to remember to gather between the notches. They gave "elastic guides" for how much elastic to use to which I gave an eyebrow. I know how to put in elastic, thanks.

Alterations: I used the C/D cup (accurate for my bust. Also they gave you directions on how to measure, I think those were right too.) The only alteration I made was to seriously shorten the rib cage band. I need them tight ! Skinny ribs.
Also I added elastic in under the bust to give more support. This way my chest won't escape through the bottom of the top.


Fit: It's a good fit. Not much support is given, but I know I'm secure. When you're wearing a bathing suit, no one expects you to have perfect support. Also, it fits the seventies vibe of the pattern.

Not even feminism could convince me to model the bottoms today.

Future Alterations: Nope, can't think of any. I don't think I'll make this again any time soon though. I really only feel the need for one halter bikini at a time.

Ooh, psychedelic blurry photo. Don't stare too long !
Comments: I love it. It's green, it's floral, it could be derived from a Frida Kahlo self portrait, it's retro and modern. And more modest than some string bikini thing you could find in the stores.

And the outtake, though this one screams forties style to me. Is it my hands? My naturally Rosie-the-Riveter shoulders peeking out ? The slim line of the skirt ? P.S., I am claiming zero historical accuracy here.

So that's my second swimsuit. I have one more coming up. Any guesses as to what it might be ?