This Needs a Name

Hello again ! I return after a day of college shopping and another day of work.

I return with a snazzy new handmade bralette.

And it needs a name.

Something to inspire me, because this bralette is only a wearable muslin. And only half wearable.

You see, I did what designers do, although I didn't do it intentionally. I accidentally designed this for a B cup. I am NOT a B cup. This bralette, when on me, either sits correctly under my bust and is rather short, or sits correctly up top and doesn't contain all my chest. It's too short for me.

It's not a hard fix, per se, but I do have to start back at the drawing board, because you cant lengthen this without affecting proportion.

Also this bralette just isn't flattering and doesn't capture the young, wild, hippie-by-day, disco-by-night vibe that I was going for.  Hopefully it will when it actually encases my whole chest.

Here's the inspiration, pulled from Pinterest. I believe I found it under my search for 'structured bralette'.

Oh ! Back to the beginning: I need a name to encompass my young, wild, hippie-by-day, disco-by-night vibe. I'm thinking Euphoria but I'm not sure. Any ideas ? Virtual cookies for good ones !