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T-Shirt Hack: Gathered Top with Yoke

Here I am with one last post before college starts ! This one was for my lovely friend Catherine. It's a sleeveless top meant to match the knit shorts I made her several weeks ago.

So this top is based off my t-shirt block. All I did was omit the sleeves and cut the top off a few inches below the arm holes.  I curved the front, or tried to anyway. Then I gathered rectangles for the body, sewed them to the top, and constructed them as per normal. So here, enjoy some pictures.

So that's all for now.
I may not post for a while as I become acclimated to my new situation, but I will be back !

What's your favorite t-shirt hack ?

Cocoon Phase

Hello all ! How is your August wrapping up ? Mine is in a slow-moving flurry of packing and tying up loose ends. I'm making sure I have everything ready to move in to college.
But I've also been looking for fall inspiration and easy projects.

So here's one !

My DIY cocoon cardigan.

So my interest in cardis like this was first piqued when my lovely friend Catherine showed up in a beautiful black floral kimono light-weight type thing that she said was from Target. It is gorgeous (and she wears it allllll the time). It was the classic kimono style with tiered sleeves, I think. I was too awestruck to remember to look closely.

Then one of my fashion-conscious coworkers showed up in something similar but different yesterday. It was kind of a kimono because it didn't have set-in sleeves, but it was different. She said it was from American Eagle, so of course I looked it up today, and it was called a cocoon cardigan. It looked awesome.

So then I looked up DIY cocoon cardigans…

Recap of Summer

Hello there again ! I've been awful at posting lately because I've been awful and unmotivated in general. But August is almost over, and it's time to start thinking about fall. So the begin, let's look at my summer goals.

1. Make a few more tops.
------Well, I did make a top. . . as a replacement. I also dyed a top and made it wearable. Does that count ?

2. Clean the sewing area.
------With the help of a few friends, this did happen. Check !

3. Build a basic pattern collection.
------Yeah, no. I didn't even try. Bad me.

So what did I do this summer?

1. I sewed A LOT of knit shorts. 2 pairs for me, 1 for each of my friends at dance, 3 pairs for little girls at dance--that's a total of 7 pairs, and I have another in the queue for me ! By now, I can whip them out in no time.

2. I started doing more embroidery. In early July I found supplies at my grandma's house and began using them. Now I have embroidered napkins (unblogged), pillows, pockets, and am working …

Butterfly Dance Refashion

Hello to your part of the world ! In mine, we've recently begun receiving the rain we so desperately need, but it's still hot. I'm leaving for college in less than 3 weeks, and while I am excited, that also means leaving my dance class. Because of this and other reasons, we (the three older students) decided to put on a small performance for younger students. In this performance, I have a solo on pointe-- it's called the Butterfly Song, and we interpret it to be about metamorphosis and the transition from child to adult.  My teacher likes to narrate it, and at the beginning, when I rise from the initial pose, she says, "Here she's struggling out of her cocoon." (Though technically, it's a chrysalis. . . )
The song is The River Flows in You by Yiruma, although we never refer to it as that.
Of course, I jumped at the chance to fashion my own costume, and had ideas right away. Anyway, here's what the dress looked like before I altered it:

There you …

Pillow II

The other pillow is finished ! It was a bit more spontaneous than the other. I free-handed a design onto the back of the fabric, and figured out colors and stitches as I went. I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. I love the simple, free, loose look the embroidery has.

The embroidery was done on a mustard-colored linen-rayon blend from JoAnn's. It's not as soft as the black, which I don't understand, but it's still very pretty.

And there's a surprise in the back !

This is the back. It's fabric from Spoonflower. The design is called Boho Floral by user shopcabin. She has lots of great floral prints, but this caught my eye because of the reds and greens in it. It is also a lot less dainty than many of her prints. I chose the cotton poplin, as it was recommended for clothing (more on that this weekend.) I'm not sure I like it. The cotton feels coated with the ink, as opposed to nice prints where it feels like part of the fiber. That may be due in part to …

Good News / Bad News

So I have good news and bad news, on several accounts.

The good news is that I have discovered that wearing an orange camisole under my stained white shirt renders the stain less visible. Yay !

The bad news is that I put my Inari dress in the wash and it shrunk. A lot. You know how it used to be deliberately, fashionably loose ? Well, now it's tight. TIGHT. I discovered this the morning I went to put it on to go to my grandma's church. Nope, couldn't wear it. I cried, let's be real. So now I have to wash what's left of the fabric and hope I can use that, and wash the size four muslin and hope it will actually fit me.

Other good news : I started a color-blocked version of the Inari and it was going to be super cute and casual and awesome !

Bad news : I had cut out the whole thing except sleeves and realized I only had enough fabric to cut one sleeve. So the dress is on hold until someone gets to JoAnn's to get more black linen-rayon blend.

And I took a break f…

Love It: A Pillow

I finally finished my pillow !

The pattern is from the book Stitch Along, by Jenny Doh. Its designer is Rebecca Sower. The design is originally in pinks and browns, but I changed it to reds, oranges, and greens.

I used black linen-rayon blend for the pillow case. 

The thread is wool crewel thread that my grandma gave me. It's old and kept breaking, especially the tan color. I love the wool texture against the linen, though. I don't think cotton would have that same homey feel.

I thought about adding flowers and whatnot around the edges, or in the corners, but I was tired of embroidering it. So I didn't.

I'm just glad this pillow is done. I love it and am going to take it to college, but I'm glad it's finished.

Have you had any projects like that ? You're happier that it's done more than you're happy about wearing it/how it looks?