Butterfly Dance Refashion

Hello to your part of the world ! In mine, we've recently begun receiving the rain we so desperately need, but it's still hot. I'm leaving for college in less than 3 weeks, and while I am excited, that also means leaving my dance class. Because of this and other reasons, we (the three older students) decided to put on a small performance for younger students. In this performance, I have a solo on pointe-- it's called the Butterfly Song, and we interpret it to be about metamorphosis and the transition from child to adult.  My teacher likes to narrate it, and at the beginning, when I rise from the initial pose, she says, "Here she's struggling out of her cocoon." (Though technically, it's a chrysalis. . . )
The song is The River Flows in You by Yiruma, although we never refer to it as that.
Of course, I jumped at the chance to fashion my own costume, and had ideas right away. Anyway, here's what the dress looked like before I altered it:

There you can see me balancing precariously on pointe.

And here's the final dress !

Obviously I shortened it a good deal. I did a rolled hem by hand and am very pleased with the delicate results. Whereas before it had a very 'ballet' feel, now it has more of a lyrical flow to it. But I will actually be dancing on pointe, not in bare feet.

 I just didn't want to put on my pointe shoes because I had freshly painted toenails.

The gold racerback sports bra I made this afternoon. It's itchy ! The fabric just came from JoAnn's. When I made it I thought, hey this is neat, but due to the itch factor I don't think it will get much wear aside from dance.

I also painted a motif on the dress. It's gold swirls on a purple background. For the bodice I used straight-up paint, but the skirt was treated with diluted paint--hence the faded coloring. I didn't want to stiffen the chiffon skirt too much. (Thanks, Catherine, for helping me with that !)

I tried to make the marking look vaguely butterfly-ish, with lots of streaks of color and intricate parts. 
The back of the dress, with its very low cut. 

Detail on the bottom of the skirt.

The beautiful hand-rolled hem.

The front of the bodice.

My butterfly pose.

So that's about it, I think. I'm happy that I could alter this dress to fit an occasion; we had originally purchased it for my senior pictures. And I'm pleasantly surprised at how well my painting skills turned out.