Cocoon Phase

Hello all ! How is your August wrapping up ? Mine is in a slow-moving flurry of packing and tying up loose ends. I'm making sure I have everything ready to move in to college.
But I've also been looking for fall inspiration and easy projects.

So here's one !

My DIY cocoon cardigan.

So my interest in cardis like this was first piqued when my lovely friend Catherine showed up in a beautiful black floral kimono light-weight type thing that she said was from Target. It is gorgeous (and she wears it allllll the time). It was the classic kimono style with tiered sleeves, I think. I was too awestruck to remember to look closely.

Then one of my fashion-conscious coworkers showed up in something similar but different yesterday. It was kind of a kimono because it didn't have set-in sleeves, but it was different. She said it was from American Eagle, so of course I looked it up today, and it was called a cocoon cardigan. It looked awesome.

So then I looked up DIY cocoon cardigans, and looked at the basics, and looked at what I had...

And made a cocoon cardigan. It's a quick project, simple really.

Here I am trying to include the red-orange flowers in the picture...

Notice the princess hair! It's just half up, but with a jaw clip instead of a ponytail.

It's dark green and fairly light-weight. I want to embellish it with florals somehow, but I don't want to embroider. Maybe painting small flowers ?

And here's what my (not really a) pattern looked like. I didn't have wide enough fabric, so I added on a panel to the bottom, and I like it like that.

I started with the blocky shape and then cut the curves.

Really the only thing that's difficult is figuring out how much of a seam for the sleeve you want to sew ! That's it. Simple. And I hemmed it all using this fancy-ish stitch.

It stretches a little, which is nice but unnecessary with how big the cardi is.

My mom called this the zombie side view.

And the outtake. No pictures, please !

This was a nice easy project to do, especially since our iron has gone kapoot and we don't have a new one yet. It had the audacity to die in the middle of a woven sewing project, too ! How rude ! So anyway, I've been doing easy things, like finishing another sleeveless top for my mom and making shorts in the meantime.

I also think these pictures are spot-on for my style lately. They're easy, natural and communicate something a bit more boho than most of my me-made-may pics did. It's  how I'm feeling now.

What have you been doing ? Do you like these cardis or do you think they look ridiculous ?