Good News / Bad News

So I have good news and bad news, on several accounts.

The good news is that I have discovered that wearing an orange camisole under my stained white shirt renders the stain less visible. Yay !

The bad news is that I put my Inari dress in the wash and it shrunk. A lot. You know how it used to be deliberately, fashionably loose ? Well, now it's tight. TIGHT. I discovered this the morning I went to put it on to go to my grandma's church. Nope, couldn't wear it. I cried, let's be real. So now I have to wash what's left of the fabric and hope I can use that, and wash the size four muslin and hope it will actually fit me.

Other good news : I started a color-blocked version of the Inari and it was going to be super cute and casual and awesome !

Bad news : I had cut out the whole thing except sleeves and realized I only had enough fabric to cut one sleeve. So the dress is on hold until someone gets to JoAnn's to get more black linen-rayon blend.

And I took a break from sewing today; a friend of mine came over today and helped me set up my new laptop and then record a song on it !!!! It was really fun, though frustrating at times. Maybe I'll share the song with you guys sometime. It was purely instrumental, all done on a keyboard and synthesizer, and I love it. In case you want to look up my friend on You Tube, his username is VideoArcadeFilms. I think.

What non-sewing interests do you guys have ? Music, gardening, something else ?