Love It: A Pillow

I finally finished my pillow !

The pattern is from the book Stitch Along, by Jenny Doh. Its designer is Rebecca Sower. The design is originally in pinks and browns, but I changed it to reds, oranges, and greens.

I used black linen-rayon blend for the pillow case. 

The thread is wool crewel thread that my grandma gave me. It's old and kept breaking, especially the tan color. I love the wool texture against the linen, though. I don't think cotton would have that same homey feel.

I thought about adding flowers and whatnot around the edges, or in the corners, but I was tired of embroidering it. So I didn't.

I'm just glad this pillow is done. I love it and am going to take it to college, but I'm glad it's finished.

Have you had any projects like that ? You're happier that it's done more than you're happy about wearing it/how it looks?