Pillow II

The other pillow is finished ! It was a bit more spontaneous than the other. I free-handed a design onto the back of the fabric, and figured out colors and stitches as I went. I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. I love the simple, free, loose look the embroidery has.

The embroidery was done on a mustard-colored linen-rayon blend from JoAnn's. It's not as soft as the black, which I don't understand, but it's still very pretty.

And there's a surprise in the back !

This is the back. It's fabric from Spoonflower. The design is called Boho Floral by user shopcabin. She has lots of great floral prints, but this caught my eye because of the reds and greens in it. It is also a lot less dainty than many of her prints. I chose the cotton poplin, as it was recommended for clothing (more on that this weekend.) I'm not sure I like it. The cotton feels coated with the ink, as opposed to nice prints where it feels like part of the fiber. That may be due in part to the poplin weave, which is woven very tightly. It was hard to even pull a hand sewing needle through the fabric !

As you can maybe see, the embroidery was meant to mimic the design of the cotton, and I'm REALLY happy with that. I LOVE the embroidery.

It took a lot less time than my other one, too, so bonus there. All my thread was cotton. I used all six strands the whole time.

Stitches I used: Daisy chain and the y-shaped variation, in the top of the picture
                         Split stitch
                         Separated satin stitch
                         Stem Stitch
                         French knots
                         Random straight stitches
                         I also wrapped thread around straight stitches to mimic the look of bullion stitches, because I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

And a picture of my two pillows together !

They go wonderfully with my new hunter green comforter, and will be accompanying me to college.

Do you embroider ? Do you do any other spontaneous projects ?