Recap of Summer

Hello there again ! I've been awful at posting lately because I've been awful and unmotivated in general. But August is almost over, and it's time to start thinking about fall. So the begin, let's look at my summer goals.

1. Make a few more tops.
------Well, I did make a top. . . as a replacement. I also dyed a top and made it wearable. Does that count ?

2. Clean the sewing area.
------With the help of a few friends, this did happen. Check !

3. Build a basic pattern collection.
------Yeah, no. I didn't even try. Bad me.

So what did I do this summer?

1. I sewed A LOT of knit shorts. 2 pairs for me, 1 for each of my friends at dance, 3 pairs for little girls at dance--that's a total of 7 pairs, and I have another in the queue for me ! By now, I can whip them out in no time.

2. I started doing more embroidery. In early July I found supplies at my grandma's house and began using them. Now I have embroidered napkins (unblogged), pillows, pockets, and am working on a pair of jeans.

3. I learned a lot about different things. Don't use dish detergent on rayon knits to get rid of stains--it makes them worse. If you're not sure whether your fabric has been washed or not, wash it again !

So that's what I learned this summer.
Hey, I just got an Instagram account, so there's nothing on it, but my username is reganlouise17, if you want to follow me.
I'll see you soon with an Intro to Autumn post !