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Favorites for All

Autumn really is coming, isn't it ?! In the mornings I'm chilly, but in the afternoons it's still warm enough to study outside. I think this is classic weather for September. You know what else is classic in September ? My roommate's birthday, and so I made her a knit top. My favorite thing to make, in some of her favorite colors.

Pattern: New Look S0945. It came from a display, so I don't know what the real number is.

Size: I made a 10 and it luckily came out to fit right.

Materials Used: The sleeves are aqua rayon-spandex knit. The body is a printed poly-cotton. All are from JoAnn's.

Directions/Construction: I didn't look once. I probably should have, as it uses a zipper, but I didn't. Instead I used Colette Pattern Company's centered zipper tutorial, like usual.

Alterations: I made none, other than shortening the dress into a shirt length.

Fit: I think it fits well ? My roommate likes the sleeve lengths, one thing that is always iffy.

Future Alteration…


I'm here with a really quick post, because it's nice outside and I'm going to soak up some sunshine while I can. College has been going well; I've found my kind of people. Anyway, here is the cardigan my friend Catherine painted for me:

Enjoy your week !

New Look

So I'm back, but not really, because I made this before I left . . well, the garment, not the post.

I made this because I wanted some more boho style items in my wardrobe, and I like it fairly well.

Pattern: New Look 6414

Size: 8. So really my measurements put me in a 10 or a 12, I don't remember, but I know that my shoulders are smaller, so I made a size 8.

Materials Used: I used polyester fabric from JoAnn's. It was the only thing in colors that I liked, and I was running out of time. The buttons were vintage ones from Western Germany.

Directions/Construction: New Look actually has really great instructions. I did look at them and only modified them a few times, like for finishing seams and things. Also I added some detail topstitching at the front keyhole which I conveniently forgot to take pictures of.

Alterations: I made a muslin and decided not to make any alterations except for shortening it by 4 inches.

Fit: The shoulders are kind of tight, an issue which wasn'…

Intro to Autumn: Inspiration

Hello ! I'm back, though I can't say for how long, as classes start Tuesday and I am going to be busy. Anyway, I finally collected all my autumn inspiration together--and it's very cohesive.

I'm starting with the easy image. First, I really like the swimsuit/bodysuit on the left. I like its color and style, and her hair is pretty neat too.  Then there is the bucket bag, which has already infiltrated my wardrobe. I love it ! I do tend to lose things in mine, though.

And the denim. I love the embroidered look. I did try this on my own jeans, but it looked more like fireworks than flowers so I cut it out and will start again. These ones are obviously machine-embroidered, so they look a bit different than mine will, but I know I can do better.

So neither of these are clothes, but I love them nonetheless. I love the colors and textures of the room on the left--cognac velvet, patterned rug, bare walls. I love the flowers on the right because I love flowers and because I love…