Favorites for All

Autumn really is coming, isn't it ?! In the mornings I'm chilly, but in the afternoons it's still warm enough to study outside. I think this is classic weather for September. You know what else is classic in September ? My roommate's birthday, and so I made her a knit top. My favorite thing to make, in some of her favorite colors.

Pattern: New Look S0945. It came from a display, so I don't know what the real number is.

Size: I made a 10 and it luckily came out to fit right.

Materials Used: The sleeves are aqua rayon-spandex knit. The body is a printed poly-cotton. All are from JoAnn's.

Directions/Construction: I didn't look once. I probably should have, as it uses a zipper, but I didn't. Instead I used Colette Pattern Company's centered zipper tutorial, like usual.

Alterations: I made none, other than shortening the dress into a shirt length.

Fit: I think it fits well ? My roommate likes the sleeve lengths, one thing that is always iffy.

Future Alterations: I can't think of any.

Comments: I really like this and she says she does too. It uses her favorite color aqua and an awesome print. It's a new-to-me knit pattern and definitely worth checking out. I love New Look patterns.

This project turned out well, especially considering I no longer have my serger available. (Boo.) And it adds to my library of knit shirt patterns. Do you like to try new patterns that are similar to ones you already have ? Or are you more adventurous ?