Intro to Autumn: Inspiration

Hello ! I'm back, though I can't say for how long, as classes start Tuesday and I am going to be busy. Anyway, I finally collected all my autumn inspiration together--and it's very cohesive.

I'm starting with the easy image. First, I really like the swimsuit/bodysuit on the left. I like its color and style, and her hair is pretty neat too.  Then there is the bucket bag, which has already infiltrated my wardrobe. I love it ! I do tend to lose things in mine, though.

And the denim. I love the embroidered look. I did try this on my own jeans, but it looked more like fireworks than flowers so I cut it out and will start again. These ones are obviously machine-embroidered, so they look a bit different than mine will, but I know I can do better.

So neither of these are clothes, but I love them nonetheless. I love the colors and textures of the room on the left--cognac velvet, patterned rug, bare walls. I love the flowers on the right because I love flowers and because I love the colors.

And now for the dresses/necklines. The dress on the left has been in several people's Pinterest boards, which is actually where I found it. I love pretty much everything about it. The neckline is really cool with its keyhole, and I like the bust gathers and the not-too-full skirt. On the second picture, I love the color, the print, and that amazing neckline. I have tried envisioning what the rest of the top/dress looks like, but I really don't know.

And last but not least--some 70s inspiration. I love the loose look of the jeans and their mid rise, and I've slowly but surely begun liking the seventies style shirts with neck and arm bands. I would never skateboard barefoot (or at all) but I really like the image. And a genuine 70s sewing pattern ! This is one funky jumpsuit. I wouldn't wear it, but it captures the essence of 70s disco and glam and it's pretty awesome.

So that's my autumn inspiration. How about you ? Are you jumping on the 70s trend wagon, or are you going a different direction ?