New Look

So I'm back, but not really, because I made this before I left . . well, the garment, not the post.

I made this because I wanted some more boho style items in my wardrobe, and I like it fairly well.

Pattern: New Look 6414

Size: 8. So really my measurements put me in a 10 or a 12, I don't remember, but I know that my shoulders are smaller, so I made a size 8.

Materials Used: I used polyester fabric from JoAnn's. It was the only thing in colors that I liked, and I was running out of time. The buttons were vintage ones from Western Germany.

Directions/Construction: New Look actually has really great instructions. I did look at them and only modified them a few times, like for finishing seams and things. Also I added some detail topstitching at the front keyhole which I conveniently forgot to take pictures of.

Alterations: I made a muslin and decided not to make any alterations except for shortening it by 4 inches.

Fit: The shoulders are kind of tight, an issue which wasn't present in my muslin. It's kind of hard to take off. It involves a good bit of wriggling and hoping my nose doesn't get stuck in the keyhole. The wrists actually fit me, and I have teeny wrists, so if you're actually people sized, you may want to make longer bands and gather less.

Future Alterations: I will do a broad back adjustment if I make this again.

Comments: I like it, for the most part. The polyester doesn't have great drape, which makes this kind of weird around the hips.

Well, that's about it for now. See you later !