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Trees as Accessories

Hello again . . . it seems like time is flying by.
Anyway, I got bored of my clothes and made a new top. Alright, that sounds bad. I did have a wardrobe hole. I did need another long-sleeve shirt to wear under sweaters.

Pattern: Simplicity S0945, slimmed down to make a top

Size: 8.

MaterialsUsed: Burnt orange rayon/poly blend knit from JoAnn's. It's soft. Also .25 inch elastic for the button loop and a button from my grandma.

Directions/Construction: Nope, I didn't.

Alterations: I had to make the shoulder darts longer and more curved so they didn't stick up in little pointy shoulder spikes. Also I drastically slimmed down the sides, using my personal tee pattern as a guide. And I didn't use a zipper; instead, I just stuck a button on top. Zippers are more finicky and time-consuming than I cared for at the moment.
Also I had to slim down the arms quite a bit.
Is this a usual alteration for raglan sleeves or is it just sleeves in general ? I had to do the same with my oth…

Autumn Essentials

Hey there again ! So I'm back after a bit of a stressful week. Alright, it more than a bit stressful. I had three tests and a group project that I was worried about, but I got through, and I am very thankful for my mom for praying for me. Anyway, so I had to let off some steam somehow, and I did have a wardrobe hole, so . . .

A new, autumn-themed sports bra. This was based off a long-line bralette that Fortnight Lingerie is making, but I know from experience that the shape they use--similar to the Watson bra--does not look good on me, so I adapted it to something I know I like.

Pattern : This is a very personalized, very hacked version of  McCall's 6759. I originally started off with the tank pattern.

Size: 8, with mods.

Materials Used: The reddish, slightly rusty spandex is from the Fabric Fairy. It's labeled as garnet but is more of a rusty dark red. The rayon knit for the lining is from JoAnn's, and the strapping, elastics, and rings and sliders are from ArteCrafts …

Home Dec...Dorm Dec

Hello again ! I've been quite busy lately--studying for tests and exams--so I don't have much to show, but I did make a small home, er, dorm dec project.

My bed is lofted on top of my desk and dresser, so getting in and out can be quite a challenge sometimes. To make it easier, I have a stool next to where I get down. That stool isn't as handy when you're wearing socks, though, because then you have no traction and are likely to fall off. So I made a solution !

I saw this fabric as a remnant at JoAnn's and fell in love with the color and the texture of the knobbly sticky uppy bits. I knew it would work well to cover my stool. It does ! And I have some left over.

To make this all I did was trace a circle shape that was a few inches wider than the stool top. I quickly and dirtily hemmed the edge, leaving room to pull through a cord (pearl cotton embroidery thread) to draw the edges tight. I wanted to use elastic but that would have been harder to pull through the hem…