Autumn Essentials

Hey there again ! So I'm back after a bit of a stressful week. Alright, it more than a bit stressful. I had three tests and a group project that I was worried about, but I got through, and I am very thankful for my mom for praying for me. Anyway, so I had to let off some steam somehow, and I did have a wardrobe hole, so . . .

A new, autumn-themed sports bra. This was based off a long-line bralette that Fortnight Lingerie is making, but I know from experience that the shape they use--similar to the Watson bra--does not look good on me, so I adapted it to something I know I like.

Pattern : This is a very personalized, very hacked version of  McCall's 6759. I originally started off with the tank pattern.

Size: 8, with mods.

Materials Used: The reddish, slightly rusty spandex is from the Fabric Fairy. It's labeled as garnet but is more of a rusty dark red. The rayon knit for the lining is from JoAnn's, and the strapping, elastics, and rings and sliders are from ArteCrafts on Etsy. The strapping is .5 inch.

Alterations: Instead of making this a tank, I drew a line to make it a V-neck. The only hard part is making sure you're not drawing too low, so that it, you know, fits you comfortably. I also scooped the back out a tad, which is something I always do for comfort around my shoulder blades.

Fit: It's a good fit. It's almost too long, but it adds a little to the slightly retro vibe.

Future Alterations: In the future I will probably add a seam down the front. I think that it will add a bit more retro vibe to this, and right now I am all about the subtle retro (think 70s) trend. Otherwise this fits really well.

In other news, I cut my hair !!! I'm going to donate it. And I love my new look. It's short and layered and really easy to style--aka, I don't style it at all.

So what have you been up to ? Any trends catching your eyes ?