Home Dec...Dorm Dec

Hello again ! I've been quite busy lately--studying for tests and exams--so I don't have much to show, but I did make a small home, er, dorm dec project.

My bed is lofted on top of my desk and dresser, so getting in and out can be quite a challenge sometimes. To make it easier, I have a stool next to where I get down. That stool isn't as handy when you're wearing socks, though, because then you have no traction and are likely to fall off. So I made a solution !

I saw this fabric as a remnant at JoAnn's and fell in love with the color and the texture of the knobbly sticky uppy bits. I knew it would work well to cover my stool. It does ! And I have some left over.

To make this all I did was trace a circle shape that was a few inches wider than the stool top. I quickly and dirtily hemmed the edge, leaving room to pull through a cord (pearl cotton embroidery thread) to draw the edges tight. I wanted to use elastic but that would have been harder to pull through the hem.

And ta-da ! A stool cover.

In other news, I need ideas. I have 1.5 yards of this rust-colored silky, probably polyester fabric that was given to me by my grandmother. I want to make some kind of holiday dress with it, most likely trimming it with black.  I would really like to make something seventies inspired, but with only 1.5 yards I have no ideas. Please comment to give me ideas ! Or email me sketches, or find me on Instagram--I am reganlouise17. I need ideas !

The fabric.

Well, I hope your week is fabulous. Mine will be if I can get through my tests.