Trees as Accessories

Hello again . . . it seems like time is flying by.
Anyway, I got bored of my clothes and made a new top. Alright, that sounds bad. I did have a wardrobe hole. I did need another long-sleeve shirt to wear under sweaters.

Pattern: Simplicity S0945, slimmed down to make a top

Size: 8.

Materials Used: Burnt orange rayon/poly blend knit from JoAnn's. It's soft. Also .25 inch elastic for the button loop and a button from my grandma.

Directions/Construction: Nope, I didn't.

Alterations: I had to make the shoulder darts longer and more curved so they didn't stick up in little pointy shoulder spikes. Also I drastically slimmed down the sides, using my personal tee pattern as a guide. And I didn't use a zipper; instead, I just stuck a button on top. Zippers are more finicky and time-consuming than I cared for at the moment.
Also I had to slim down the arms quite a bit.
Is this a usual alteration for raglan sleeves or is it just sleeves in general ? I had to do the same with my other raglan pattern-M7261-but I've never actually used a regular tee pattern that wasn't adapted from RTW clothing, so I don't know if I would have to do it to one of them. Other skinny girls, do you have this issue with everything or just raglans? Is it just a Big Four issue ?

Fit: It's okay. The shoulders strain a little bit, like mine are a bit more forward than the pattern's, but it's not too obvious.

Future Alterations: I wouldn't mind making this swingy like it's meant to be sometime, but I will just have to keep in mind the darts.

Comments: I like it. To make it truly fashionably trendy, I would have to make it tighter, but I like how it is. I love the color.

And no, it was not warm enough to wear just a long-sleeve shirt comfortably. I froze.

Thanks Mom for coming to family weekend and taking pictures for me !