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One Last Try

You've probably noticed that this site disappeared a few weeks ago. That was because I was dealing with an online predator. However, I missed my blog, and decided to bring it back, with some modifications for safety.
That being said, if the issues continue to happen, I WILL permanently delete this blog. I have neither the time, energy, nor desire to deal with a predator.
This is a warning.
To those who missed the blog, me too! I have some great stuff to share with you coming up, plus Gillian of Crafting the Rainbow will be hosting her Top 5 posts soon ! I can't wait !

Favorite Fibers for Fall (and Winter)

Hello out there!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you have no doubt been noticing the weather change to cold. Brrr! But as a sewer or a savvy shopper, you can eliminate some of the frigid effect on yourself, by changing what you wear.

So ! Here are my favorite fibers for winter and warm:


Wool is by far one of the best things to keep you warm. It can come in both knit and woven form, and if you knit, wool yarn is not hard to come by. Wool tends to be more on the expensive side, but it is soooo worth it.
Wool can be itchy, though I have heard legends about wool that is oh-so-soft and comfy. Also, some people are allergic to wool, so watch out.
Wool fabric is generally in the suiting section or coating fabrics. In stores, you can find wool jackets and sweaters, and sometimes wool pants.

This sweater, though not me-made, is made from a wool blend, which brings me to my next fiber...


Acrylic is a synthetic fiber that is rather soft and kind of like wool. It's not nat…