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Floral Go Boom !

Greetings ! How was your Christmas, or how is your Hanukkah, or anything else you celebrate? My Christmas was pretty good. And it's unseasonably warm, so I got some pictures taken outside of things I've made!

This make is an older one, and a repeat too. I made it out of a different fabric though, with a slightly different fit, so I think it's worth sharing.

Pattern: S0945, slimmed down, shortened.

Size: 8.

Materials Used: Cotton Spandex blend from Art Gallery Fabrics. It is called Millie Fleur Microbust Tropics, and I purchased it from

Directions/Construction: I should just get rid of this section, because I never use it (or the instructions) anyway.

Alterations: I did longer shoulder darts once again. I didn't slim down the sleeves as much as before, because the cotton wanted more ease.

Fit: Same as before--I still ought to do a full bust adjustment and figure out these shoulders, but chances are I won't.

Future Alterations: Eh. We'll see. If I do any, th…

Top Goals for 2017

Hello again! I am done with exams and am back home. I'm quite frustrated though, as I cut out a whole project then realized half of it was backwards and is unsalvageable. It was in really pretty fabric too.
Anyway, since I have the time (can't sew with a ruined project), here are my goals for next year:


I'm not setting any goals. I don't need that stress in my life. I'm a college student; I get enough stress just by being awake and aware of my surroundings.
Sure, there are things I want to sew, but I'm not going to say I have to do it. I'm not going to make an effort to learn new skills either--by the time I get around to sewing, easy knits are all I really want to see. Or swimsuits. Those types of things. Things I know and like.
New patterns mean fitting--not going to add in that stress unless I want to. Fancy fabrics mean extra care cutting and sewing. I'm going to save that extra care for my physics class.
I'm not going to be practical eith…

(Almost) Top 5 Highlights !

I'm back, with only one final exam left to take, and it's an easier one at that !
So today is my top 5 non-sewing highlights. Things that stand out in my year but don't have to do with the clothes I make.

1. Valedictorian in my high school, and Graduation!
This is a pretty big achievement, and one that I worked hard for. Senior year certainly wasn't easy (looking at you, Composition Class) but I made it through on top.

2. College!
This is a big transition but I have done it. Mostly successfully. My first semester of college is nearly done--will be done tomorrow-and I have managed to survive. Also get an 'A' in accelerated Gen. Chem. Wooh !

3. New friends, and a boyfriend.
Going into college, I knew I needed to make friends, but that can be hard for me. I can now say I do have friends. Also a boyfriend, which was not planned. Anyway, he's pretty great. He's a chemical engineering major.
4. Changing majors I also realized that engineering is not for me, …

Top 5 (kinda) Reflections

One last post before my exams start tomorrow! (Don't worry, Mom, I wrote this on Sunday. I'm not missing any study time.) This time we have my top 5 reflections! I think I have learned a lot from sewing this year. As a note, I'm going to say that this is my first full year with wearable, quality sewing that I am proud of. I really started sewing when I was 16, but my earlier work isn't very wearable due to its quality. Around last Christmas I started producing lovely, quality clothing I could feel good about, that wasn't just learning anymore.

Reflection 1:
Perfection isn't worth it, but quality is.
Perfection, to me, means constantly criticizing your work because it just isn't good enough. The stitching could be straighter, and by golly that zipper...*shudders*. But quality is what's really important. It may means unpicking something once or twice because you know it could be better, but it also means accepting your work and being proud of it. It means…

Top 5-ish Misses

I'm back, and getting ready for final exams this semester! That means no sewing time, though I do have somethings left to show you. But for now, Top 5-ish Misses of 2016!

These are the things that just weren't hits. Either they didn't fit right or just didn't get worn, here they are in no particular order.

1. Inari Dress
I loved this dress, then it shrunk. :( Also, though, it has fitting issues that still need resolved, like a full bust adjustment, and the shoulders still don't fit right. It took me a lot more work than a simple cocoon dress should.

2. New Look Top
The shoulders don't quite fit right in this top, and while I love the colors, the polyester fabric makes it cold. Also I think it needs a full bust adjustment. I love the sleeves though, and the fit otherwise.

3. The Watson Bra
I really wanted to like this pattern, but it just doesn't work on my shape. It's not the pattern's fault or mine, it just doesn't work. I have never worn these…

Top 5 (ish) Starts Now !!!

Hello, everybody !! It is now December. Christmas time!!
I've never been this enthused for the holiday season before. But this year I am excited !!
Anyway, so the end of the year brings...

Top 5, hosted by Gillian of Crafting the Rainbow !
This is an online series where you post your top 5 sewing hits, misses, reflections, goals, and non-sewing highlights.

I'm going to start with my sewing hits today. Just to warn you, I have no new pictures.

1. Yoga Shorts.
I love my shorts, and actually have made quite a few pairs. Three for me, a pair each for my dance buddies, three pairs for little girls... These shorts are a hit. I used the pattern M7261 for the adult size and just shortened them. I used a standard girls' legging pattern and shortened it for the girls' sets.

2. Pineapples, and other embroidery.
        I discovered embroidery again this year, and boy do I love it. It's meditative and slow, nice for evenings when I'm exhausted from chem homework and calc…