(Almost) Top 5 Highlights !

I'm back, with only one final exam left to take, and it's an easier one at that !
So today is my top 5 non-sewing highlights. Things that stand out in my year but don't have to do with the clothes I make.

1. Valedictorian in my high school, and Graduation!
This is a pretty big achievement, and one that I worked hard for. Senior year certainly wasn't easy (looking at you, Composition Class) but I made it through on top.

2. College!
This is a big transition but I have done it. Mostly successfully. My first semester of college is nearly done--will be done tomorrow-and I have managed to survive. Also get an 'A' in accelerated Gen. Chem. Wooh !

3. New friends, and a boyfriend.
Going into college, I knew I needed to make friends, but that can be hard for me. I can now say I do have friends. Also a boyfriend, which was not planned. Anyway, he's pretty great. He's a chemical engineering major.
4. Changing majors
I also realized that engineering is not for me, and I switched my major to chemistry this semester. However, I finished out my engineering classes and discovered I have quite the knack for using the program AutoCAD, with which you can model and design 3D objects. It's weird because I don't even like it but am pretty good at using it.

So those are my highlights of this year. Really they're just large events that happened to me. Next up--and last--is my goals for next year. See you later !


  1. OH MY GOSH I can't believe I missed this post!! YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE <3333


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