Floral Go Boom !

Greetings ! How was your Christmas, or how is your Hanukkah, or anything else you celebrate? My Christmas was pretty good. And it's unseasonably warm, so I got some pictures taken outside of things I've made!

This make is an older one, and a repeat too. I made it out of a different fabric though, with a slightly different fit, so I think it's worth sharing.

Pattern: S0945, slimmed down, shortened.

Size: 8.

Materials Used: Cotton Spandex blend from Art Gallery Fabrics. It is called Millie Fleur Microbust Tropics, and I purchased it from Fabric.com.

Directions/Construction: I should just get rid of this section, because I never use it (or the instructions) anyway.

Alterations: I did longer shoulder darts once again. I didn't slim down the sleeves as much as before, because the cotton wanted more ease.

Fit: Same as before--I still ought to do a full bust adjustment and figure out these shoulders, but chances are I won't.

Future Alterations: Eh. We'll see. If I do any, they will probably just be for style and not perfecting fit.

Comments: It's really bright. Reaaaallly bright. Very different for me, but I quite like it. Also it matches my chartreuse sweater, always a plus.
It does make me look like a grandma-in-training, though, if I wear them together. Here's evidence:

Short hair, check. Turtleneck, check. Big sweater, check.

In conclusion, I really like this. It's different for me but in a way that is familiar. Does that make sense? The print is quite vivid but the style is familiar and gets worn a lot.

I'm also really proud that I kind of centered the print in the front. This was just about my first time trying to influence where the print sat, rather than just matching stripes.

Have you guys tried any prints that are different than your usual style lately?