Top 5-ish Misses

I'm back, and getting ready for final exams this semester! That means no sewing time, though I do have somethings left to show you. But for now, Top 5-ish Misses of 2016!

These are the things that just weren't hits. Either they didn't fit right or just didn't get worn, here they are in no particular order.

1. Inari Dress
I loved this dress, then it shrunk. :( Also, though, it has fitting issues that still need resolved, like a full bust adjustment, and the shoulders still don't fit right. It took me a lot more work than a simple cocoon dress should.

2. New Look Top
The shoulders don't quite fit right in this top, and while I love the colors, the polyester fabric makes it cold. Also I think it needs a full bust adjustment. I love the sleeves though, and the fit otherwise.

3. The Watson Bra
I really wanted to like this pattern, but it just doesn't work on my shape. It's not the pattern's fault or mine, it just doesn't work. I have never worn these except when I was at home doing nothing. Enough said.

4.Opera Dress that Still Needs to be Properly Hemmed
I love this dress, but I hate hemming circle skirts. And it's made of rayon, so it's totally uneven, even though I tried to make it even. It still need hemmed properly. When I get around to it, I will love this dress.

So those are my misses. The only true miss the Watson bra. They're almost all wovens, which need more fitting than knits. What are your less-than-happy projects ?


  1. Do you have a serger? It's way easier to hem circle skirts if you serge around it first, using the differential feed to gather slightly. Makes the hem just fall into place! If you don't have one... sorry for taunting you with a strategy that won't work for you! ;)

    1. I do have a serger; it's just not a very good one and I'm a little scared to change its settings, in case it doesn't want to change back! I've never heard that before, though, and I may have to try it. Bias tape is generally my preferred method for hemming curves.


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