Top 5 (ish) Starts Now !!!

Hello, everybody !! It is now December. Christmas time!!
I've never been this enthused for the holiday season before. But this year I am excited !!
Anyway, so the end of the year brings...

Top 5, hosted by Gillian of Crafting the Rainbow !
This is an online series where you post your top 5 sewing hits, misses, reflections, goals, and non-sewing highlights.

I'm going to start with my sewing hits today. Just to warn you, I have no new pictures.

1. Yoga Shorts.
I love my shorts, and actually have made quite a few pairs. Three for me, a pair each for my dance buddies, three pairs for little girls... These shorts are a hit. I used the pattern M7261 for the adult size and just shortened them. I used a standard girls' legging pattern and shortened it for the girls' sets.

2. Pineapples, and other embroidery.
        I discovered embroidery again this year, and boy do I love it. It's meditative and slow, nice for evenings when I'm exhausted from chem homework and calc problems.

3. Turtlenecks with S0945.
      These are more recent makes, and in fact you've only seen one. I'll put the other one up sometime.
But they're really nice. They're warm, and cozy, and the button in the back-though it calls for a zipper-means that the turtleneck can be undone if you're sweating and too hot. This pattern is easy and fun, though I still have issues with the darts and should probably do a full bust adjustment.

4. Swimsuits and other such sewing!
     This year was a great year for swimsuits. I made two for me, and assisted (well, taught, really)  in the making of three others for friends. There's truly nothing like making your own swimsuit the way you want it. It's a terrific feeling.
Aaaand I think that's it !! I could probably find more hits if I looked harder, but these are the ones that stuck out to me as the best of the best.

Are you participating in the Top 5?


  1. Way to go! You are officially the first Top 5 post this year! :) I haven't even started drafting mine...
    Seems like you had a great year with knits!

    1. Wooh! I'm first, haha. I do love knits. Less fitting and easier sewing, in my opinion, although I do miss my serger now that I'm at college with no room to put it.


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