Top 5 (kinda) Reflections

One last post before my exams start tomorrow! (Don't worry, Mom, I wrote this on Sunday. I'm not missing any study time.) This time we have my top 5 reflections! I think I have learned a lot from sewing this year. As a note, I'm going to say that this is my first full year with wearable, quality sewing that I am proud of. I really started sewing when I was 16, but my earlier work isn't very wearable due to its quality. Around last Christmas I started producing lovely, quality clothing I could feel good about, that wasn't just learning anymore.

Reflection 1:
Perfection isn't worth it, but quality is.
Perfection, to me, means constantly criticizing your work because it just isn't good enough. The stitching could be straighter, and by golly that zipper...*shudders*. But quality is what's really important. It may means unpicking something once or twice because you know it could be better, but it also means accepting your work and being proud of it. It means not pointing out the flaws to everyone, and just saying, "I made it." Quality is important; perfection is blah and we should all forget about it.

Reflection 2:
I'm quite the unselfish sewer.
I like to make things for people, provided they will appreciate and wear what I have made them. So while I'm a tad bit selective about who I sew for, I definitely sew for others. This seems to be contrary to the habits of most sewers.

Reflection 3:
I should probably do full bust adjustments on things I make. Or low bust adjustments. Possibly both. Chances are that when something doesn't fit right, it's the shoulders and bust.

Reflection final:
My preferred choice of colors revolves with the seasons.
In spring, I like light green and pale peaches and will even wear aqua greens with my crimson Keds.
In summer, I like crimsons and greens and tans.
In fall, I like burnt oranges and khakis and rusty reds and golds, mustards.
Now, in winter, I like pale neutrals, rusty reds, crimsons, and greens, along with other fall colors.
So while my basic palette is still "Not Blue and Never Will Be," the specifics of it change throughout the year, with spring standing out as vastly unique.
Of course, there is an exception or two. Chartreuse is always welcome, no matter the season. Just for fun, I thought I would make a handy picture of my colors. I just picked the top five for each season.

It's pretty clear that spring stands alone with its brightness. Oh well. I wear what I want.

So there are my reflections on sewing for the year! Did you learn anything in particular this year ?